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Short hair with curling iron: learn tricks to rock

The fans of shorter hair know how difficult it can be to innovate in the look. However, this is not impossible, as you can bet on a look with curls and waves. Short hair with curling iron is the biggest hit and you can join this fashion at home. Check out our tips for rocking style!

7 tips and tricks for curling short hair

  1. Hair preparation: First of all, your hair needs to be ready to receive the heat of the curling iron. Wash and moisturize well, preferably the day before curling. This way, the hair is thicker and will catch the curl well.
  2. Thermal protector: regardless of hair size, thermal protector is essential to maintain the life and health of locks. Invest in protection before exposing the locks to the heat of the curling iron.
  3. Ideal curling iron size: choosing the right curling iron is the key to a successful hairstyle. Each curling iron has a particularity, and it is your hair that will determine which one is ideal. A thick curling iron may not completely catch your strands, which will only give you curls and undefined curls. If your goal is to have them well defined and marked, look for a thinner curling iron.
  4. Alternate the strands: to give your hair an air of movement, try to get alternating strands of different sizes. Thus, it will give a messy effect with charm.
  5. Use accessories to help: having short hair with a curling iron can be a complicated task without the help of some accessories. Clips, thermal gloves and hair clips can be very useful when using the styler and also to avoid accidental burns.
  6. Alternate the direction of the waves: when looking for naturalness in the strands with curling iron, a trick used by professionals is to alternate the direction in which the strand is wound. The locks close to the face should always be curled outwards, but the others can be alternated between right and left. Thus, it generates naturalness and lightness for the hair.
  7. Use a little hairspray: to give an amazing finish and still have the curls for longer, apply a little hairspray at the end. If you want to add more volume to your hair, apply it upside down.

By following these tips and getting to know your hair, you will see how easy it can be to change your look. Having short hair with a curling iron is a great option for parties, special moments or just for a change. Just remember to always use the curling iron carefully, especially close to the ears and face, to avoid burns.

How to make short hair curlers the easy way

To make a new hairstyle or style in your hair, there are always techniques that can help and make the job very simple. Check out tips from those who already have experience in the subject and now master the art of short hair with curling irons!

Do the babyliss in a practical way

Taking care of your hair has to be practical and easy, because the rush of everyday life demands it. That’s why youtuber Eliane Fernandes gives simple tips for those who have short hair and want to rock the babyliss.

Curly and curly hair also has time with the curling iron

Anyone who thinks that curly or curly hair can’t rock the curling iron is wrong. The youtuber Danúbia Maia shows what she does to give more defined curls to her curly hair, and the result you can see in the video.

Learn how to make the babyliss in long bob cuts

Short hair allows for several types of cuts, and the long bob is one of them. As part of the hair is shorter, it can feel like a challenge to get the curls right in this cut. However, it’s easier than it looks: Camila Coelho teaches the technique she uses when styling her locks.

Modeling curls without curling iron

If you want to have curls, but you can’t afford a curling iron at the moment, don’t panic: it is possible, yes, to make curls with a simple iron. Youtuber Michelle Rocha teaches you the right tricks to do without having a headache or expense.

Step by step for wonderful curly hair

If you have little or no hair skills, know that you are not alone. With the right step by step, you will rock when using the curling iron, so Fernanda Souza’s help is very important. She will give you great tips for the time to pass the styler, from hair preparation to finalization.

With the right curling iron and the tips above, you won’t be wrong when it comes to curls. It may seem complicated at first, but over time, you will gain experience and adjust the curling iron in the best way for your hair and for you.

20 short hair photos with curling iron to get inspired

With short hair, it seems that the options are very limited when it comes to styling. But know that there are several possibilities, and each hair size has its advantage. These inspirations will prove you that short hair with curling iron is a charm and can be a wildcard when going out!

1. Give movement to the hair with the curling iron

2. To give a more casual look

3. Or even more classic

4. In the style of the golden years

5. The curling iron can only be used on the fringe

6. Or all over the hair

7. Bet on hairstyles like Lucy Hale’s

8. In a more casual style, like Fernanda Souza’s

9. An air of someone who has just woken up, like Fernanda Vasconcellos

10. A more classic look, like this one by Viola Davis

11. Or more powerful, like Jessica Chastain

12. The curling iron can be used on very short hair

13. Giving only ripple and movement

14. Short hair with curling iron looks amazing

15. And it can be great to get away from the natural

16. Complementing even the look of the day

17. Give your hair a chance with curling iron

18. Make curls more defined

19. Or just ripples

20. But be sure to try this technique!

Having a hair that has just left the salon is the desire of many, and now you can do it at home. And if you already feel like you want to adopt waves for good, see hairstyle options for short curly hair and try it on a daily basis.

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