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Shell necklace: 40 inspirations to make you fall in love with the accessory

Shell necklaces have become popular with women, especially in tropical regions, for their versatility, delicacy and mermaid touch.

And speaking of mermaids, mermaids are already an old trend, but that invaded the style of several celebrities and, with that, ended up winning the streets. Several brands such as Valentino, Elie Saab and Burberry have already used this universe of inspiration for their shows.

The image and personal style consultancy, Karina Nunes says that the success is linked to the fact that it is a super feminine, subtle style, in addition to having a mythological aura that enchants women. “Mermaids have always been part of the imagination, so feeling like one of them is like fulfilling a childhood dream.”

More sober looks are a great choice when combining accessories inspired by mermaids, so it is possible to abuse a little more chokers with shell shapes and whelk chokers, for example.

Those who like to be daring can invest in textured pieces that resemble scales, leather, sequins and abuse shades such as green, blue, lilac and light pink. For the look not to be too loaded, it is essential to dose the references. “If the clothes are very ‘mermaid style’, the accessories should be more discreet, smaller and without too many colors”, explains Karina.

Currently, the most sought after styles of shell necklaces are the more discreet ones, in elegant materials such as silver, bronze, or even gold. They are beautiful and work super well for any style. The simplest ones, with shells or natural whelks, are better in the summer, in very beachy environments. During the cold days it is also possible to use the trend, but those with a sophisticated footprint are more successful this season, because they are harmonious with the rest of the look. Check out our selection and get inspired by the ways to use this charming accessory:

1. Matches with jeans

2. Perfect for the most discreet

3. Looks great in a mix

4. And also in a daring look

5. Conveys delicacy

6. And the charm of the sea

7. It’s versatile and stylish

8. Can be used on the beach

9. Or in any other environment

10. Serves for a minimalist look

11. And also for an overproduction

12. For the simplest

13. Who like delicate details

14. And also for the most daring

15. Who like to combine colors

16. It has for all styles

17. Combines with other accessories

18. But alone is also a charm

19. Shells can appear on tighter models

20. That highlight the neck

21. Or more loose

22. Which express delicacy

23. Perfect for everyday life

24. And also for night productions

25. Some have pendants

26. Others are more basic

27. There are those with natural shells

28. And the metal ones

29. But everyone has the same charm

30. And endless combinations

31. Between colors, textures and sizes

32. With more sophisticated details

33. Or with complementary accessories

34. Some are true works of art

35. And they leave us enchanted

36. Others have the delicacy of simplicity

37. Which also has its value

38. But some are really rich

39. And make the woman even more wonderful

40. For they convey your essence and your femininity

Hard to resist the charm and style of shell necklaces, right? With all these beautiful inspirations, there’s no reason not to adopt this fashion!

7 beautiful shell necklaces you can buy online

Below we separate beautiful pieces that can be combined with other accessories according to your personal style. They are versatile and full of personality accessories for those who want to bet on the trend, but still don’t know where to start.

Where to buy

  1. Choker shells, in Sal do Mar
  2. Choker with cowries and rope, at Lojas Renner
  3. Choker with natural whelks, at Lojas Renner
  4. Mini shell necklace, at Izasóler
  5. Necklace with whelk pendant, in Sal do Mar
  6. Búzios choker, in Izasóler
  7. Necklace with whelk pendant, at Marisa

With so many options of colors, formats, sizes and textures on the market, it is increasingly easier to assemble a look that presents the trend, but does not deviate from your style of dress, allowing you to feel good wearing whatever you want. Therefore, the tip is to bet without fear on the options that you like the most and that are your face!

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