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Self-esteem: understand what self-love can do for you

Self-esteem has been a widely used concept, but often wrongly. To better understand its meaning and impact on our lives, follow the information that psychologist Sandra Escame gave us! What it is, the difference between high and low self-esteem, in addition to valuable tips, you will find below!

What is self-esteem?

The psychologist states that self-esteem refers to the quality of the subject satisfied with his identity, that is: a person endowed with confidence and who values ​​himself… A person who gives importance to himself!

Self-esteem is treated by many as a simple issue, being placed in the self-help category, as if having positive thoughts were a quick, practical and permanent solution. However, “self-esteem is a set of beliefs and attitudes towards oneself, formed by the way each person sees and feels, together with the perception of how others show them how they are seen by them”, points out Sandra.

Low self-esteem vs high self-esteem

After all, what’s the difference? Psychologist Sandra Escame pointed out points about high and low self-esteem. Get informed and stay inside!

Symptoms of low self-esteem

Generally, people with low self-esteem exhibit the following behaviors:

  • Physical insecurity and in relation to situations that expose you to the opinion of others;
  • They tend to have little initiative and autonomy, as they are trapped in possible social rejections;
  • Difficulties in exposing oneself and taking risks;
  • Difficulties in dealing with frustrations;
  • Non-recognition of their own value and achievements.

Self-esteem has to do with self-love and self-care, that’s why it’s so important for our quality of life. Look at yourself with affection and be kind to yourself!

Advantages of high self-esteem

People with good self-esteem tend to see themselves in a more positive light and, believe me, that makes a difference! Look that:

  • Self-confidence and autonomy, as they do not depend so much on the approval and opinion of others;
  • Easier to adapt to adverse situations and changes;
  • They deal better with frustrations, seeking to overcome challenges instead of blaming or victimizing themselves;
  • They tend to take better care of themselves, valuing mental and physical health.

Remember: having high self-esteem doesn’t mean being satisfied and happy all the time! In fact, it’s about respecting, loving, and valuing the person you are.

10 tips to boost your self-esteem

Now is the time to know what to do to value yourself and raise your self-esteem. Are you ready to get into this endeavor? So let’s go!

1. Meet and enter the cycle

Self-esteem we also train, build and learn! And so is the cycle: we love and care for each other. And the more you take care, the more you love! Oh, and those who love themselves are more likely to be loved. So, you already know, right?

2. Make yourself an act of love

Do for yourself what you would do for a friend you love very much! It could be cooking, preparing a relaxing spa or even a movie night… The possibilities are endless. Find what you love to do and play!

3. Take care of your health

Eat well, practice physical activities and hydrate. It’s body care that shows your love for it. You take care of yourself because you want to be well!

4. Don’t demand perfection from yourself

“To demand perfection is to turn your back on real life!”, points out Sandra. Understand that you will make mistakes and that is part of life. Don’t blame yourself for being a normal person!

5. Judge and criticize yourself less

Less self-demand, more self-love! Respect your limitations and different phases.

6. Prioritize yourself sometimes

The only person who is available to you 24 hours a day is yourself! Make yourself a priority.

7. Value your achievements

Be proud of yourself and celebrate all your victories! Don’t think you don’t deserve them.

8. Don’t compare yourself

Understand that you do the best you can under your circumstances. Remember: especially in the digital environment, we tend to fall into the illusion that the other’s life is perfect. Keep in mind that perfection doesn’t exist and avoid comparing yourself.

9. Invest in self-knowledge

Understand what you like, what your desires, insecurities… Knowing yourself is important to respect yourself and learn to love the person you are.

10. Do what you love

Do what makes you radiant and what you enjoy doing. Don’t forget to enjoy your moments!

Sandra indicates that self-esteem is not a mere feeling, but, above all, an attitude of care. Take care of your mind, your body… An attitude of valuing your own existence!

Videos and stories about self-esteem

Want to know more about the topic? So, play the sequence of videos and learn about experiences, tips and reflections about self-esteem. Getting informed is the first step in the search for more self-love and self-care!

5 tips to boost your self-esteem

Check out, in the video, practical tips that can help you in the search for high self-esteem. But don’t forget to put them into practice, see?

Practical tips and reflections

It’s worth reflecting on the subject and analyzing what your way of dealing with it is, isn’t it? So, follow this video and enter the universe of self-love.

Talking about self-esteem

Follow this super light and calm reflection on the subject and understand the power that self-esteem can give you. It’s 13 minutes of a very nice and necessary chat!

Tips from a professional

Psychologist Anahy D’Amico talks about self-esteem and points out tips for you to raise yours. What are you waiting for to check and invest in new attitudes and ways of looking at yourself? Play!

See how important self-esteem is? Be sure to practice the tips and invest in yourself: you deserve this care! See also information about wellness and how it can benefit you.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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