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See the 5 best makeup tutorials

There are several ways to learn makeup. One of them is through the thousands of videos available on Youtube.

And there’s no way, the best way to improve knowledge is to practice. With some tips and tricks from those who understand the subject, we can become more independent when it comes to makeup.

Here are the 5 best makeup tutorials on Youtube for beginners. The videos show the easiest and most basic techniques for beginners. See below:

1. Skin preparation

Skin preparation is the first and most important step in makeup. We always have to remember to prepare it before applying any product. Whether with a primer, cream or sunscreen, the important thing is to give the skin a first layer. So the makeup looks much more natural. It is also worth remembering that first of all your skin needs to be clean before starting the make-up, so you prevent skin residues from leaving your make-up with a bad finish.

It is also essential to know for sure what your foundation and concealer tone is, and the correct way to find your color is to test it on your own skin. For those who like a very striking makeup, the tip is to include the contour in the preparation. See some tips on how to prepare the skin to receive a complete makeup with blogger Camila Coelho.

2. Makeup for everyday life

For everyday makeup, the rule is: “less is more”. But, with a few tips you can make your makeup much more glamorous in a very short time and without exaggeration. The following video by blogger Helena Lunardelli teaches that the eyeshadow can be used sparingly during the day. Light skin and a clear mouth are one of the many tricks to keep it natural.

3. Red lipstick

Some women are still afraid or in doubt about how to use red lipstick. The first step is to choose which color best suits your skin, and the second is that the application has to be done well. We usually use the rule: “red mouth, nothing in the eyes”. The following video from Vogue Beauty Editor Victoria Ceridono teaches you a way to outline your lips correctly with your own lipstick, without relying on any other gimmick.

4. Makeup for parties

You don’t have to go to the salon for every event that comes up. With a few tips and a lot of practice, it is possible to save a lot and improve your knowledge about party makeup. The following video, made by blogger Camila Coelho, is inspired by the singer Adele, who has been very successful not only with her songs, but also with her particular style of makeup. Her eyes are well defined and outlined, almost always with false eyelashes, light pencil inside the waterline in the eyes, nude lipstick. This makeup is very good because it can serve as a base for many others. Then just change the colors to your liking.

5. Cleaning the brushes

The tip in this video is for makeup brushes. They need to be washed properly at least once a month. In addition to the fungi and dirt that we can transfer to our skin and that must be removed when cleaning, washing and drying brushes correctly increases their duration. Watch the video of professional makeup artist Sadi Consati and learn how and with which products you can make your brushes case impeccable.

With Knowledge Comes Wisdom

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