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Second ear hole: care and 20 inspirational photos

The second hole in the ear is a charm, isn’t it? No matter your style, whether more classic or bolder: you can make different combinations with the second hole.

Are you thinking about making yours? So, continue with us! We separated several inspirations and even interviewed a body piercer who is a beast on the subject and will answer all your questions, in addition to explaining what care should be taken. Check it out!

20 pictures of celebrities with second ear piercings to inspire you

Check out our selection of photos of celebrities who joined the second scoop here, get inspired by their combinations:

1. The earring in the second hole can be used in several ways

2. The most classic ones, like the singer Sandy, prefer to use just one pebble

3. If you are delicate, enjoy the earrings

4. Think about matching colors

5. Look at this shiny combination

6. For those who want to stand out, two long earrings in the same ear

7. The rings in the second hole are discreet

8. Discreet details that make the difference

9. How about reversing the most common order?

10. A point of light makes everything more interesting

11. There’s no mistake with ringlets

12. Such small details…

13. The combination of a hoop earring in the first hole with a ball earring in the second never loses its charm

14. It’s okay for the first and second hole earrings to be the same size.

15. Earring from the second hole identical to the third and even the fourth hole! Very stylish!

16. A charming and delicate combination

17. An earring and an earring is a style combination

18. Big jewelry adds a touch of style to the look

19. And the small ones bring delicacy

20. Choose what suits you best and rock it!

Beautiful, right? But, before making your second hole and choosing the combination you are going to make, try to know all the precautions that should be taken, ok?

Questions about the second hole in the ear

Speaking of doubts and care, we have here the information you need. Body piercer Fabi, who works at the Jantattoo studio, answered the most common doubts about the second hole for us. Take a look!

  • Can the second hole in the ear be made with a pistol? According to Fabi, the use of guns for lobe piercings or any piercing application is not recommended. This is because the pistol is prohibited by ANVISA, due to the breach of sanitary surveillance standards. Another reason is the fact that pharmacy professionals who apply with a pistol are not professionals in body piercing. So, because they don’t know the details about human anatomy or cross-contamination, they run the risk of making big mistakes.
  • How many days to heal the hole in the ear? About 4 to 8 weeks. The lobe hole is different from the cartilage hole, as it heals much faster.
  • What jewelry can be used in the second ear hole? Generally, the perforation is made with 316 L surgical steel material or titanium, the latter of which heals even faster. It’s important to prioritize straight jewelry over hoops too.
  • How do I know if my ear is inflamed? The ear will be inflamed if it is red, swollen and oozing pus. If this happens, it is recommended that the person see a doctor as soon as possible, so that an anti-inflammatory can be prescribed.
  • If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask the professional who will do your drilling. Taking care of your health will always be essential.

    Care of the second hole

    The second hole is very beautiful, but requires a series of care so that it does not damage your health. See, right now, some of them!

    • Don’t put your hand on the earring! In fact, the hand is the biggest enemy of healing. People often put their dirty hand on the earring and end up spreading bacteria, which causes inflammation. No spinning the earring or taking off the “cone” that forms. If you have to take off the “cone”, take it off in the shower only;
    • Avoid fatty foods! Ideally, in the first week, you should avoid eating pork, chocolates and seafood. Alcoholic beverages are also prohibited, in addition to cigarettes;
    • When drilling, pay attention to the validity of the adornment, which must be at least 3 weeks. Ask the body piercer if the earring is sterile and has been autoclaved. Also pay attention to the use of the surgical glove by the professional.

    Also be careful when cleaning your newly pierced ear. See the step by step on how to clean the hole in the ear.

    How to clean the second hole in the ear?

  1. Dry the area well. The drier, the more it will prevent the proliferation of bacteria;
  2. Clean the region, at least twice a day, with saline or saline solution;
  3. Do not dry with a towel or paper. Choose a cotton swab;
  4. Avoid healing ointments. Let nature act.

See how easy it is to take care of your second hole? Now that you’ve learned a lot about them, how about seeing these beautiful earrings and getting inspired?

With Knowledge Comes Wisdom

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