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Scratchcard: 10 incredibly tasty recipes to freshen up your days

To help you send the heat away on summer days, it’s worth delighting in refreshing dishes. Thinking about it, scratch cards can be a great ally! You can prepare it using crushed ice or by making a mixture that goes into the freezer. Regardless of your choice, you can get a very tasty result. See the recipes:

1. Simple scratch off

If you are looking for practicality, this may be the perfect recipe to try in your kitchen. The only ingredients used are ice, condensed milk, powdered juice and water. You also need a blender on hand to crush the ice and get the slushie. As the flavor is on account of powdered juice, you can vary it whenever you want.

2. Sicilian scratch off

Made with Sicilian lemon, water and sugar this is a recipe that goes on the fire and then in the freezer. With a simple preparation, you just need to have a little patience for the candy to get the right texture. There are two stages in the freezer, where the total waiting time is approximately 7 hours. With a light and airy texture, the result is very refreshing.

3. Watermelon shavings

The face of summer, this recipe uses watermelon, condensed milk, lemon zest and ice. Quick to make and with few ingredients, this is a good choice for those who don’t want to wait to cool off and at the same time get a very tasty slushie. It’s worth checking out the step by step!

4. Pineapple shavings

Extremely refreshing, this recipe mixes pineapple with mint for an irresistible flavor. In addition to these ingredients, you will only need water and sugar. This last ingredient is used in a small amount, which makes the final taste not too sweet.

5. Guava shavings

With fresh guava juice, even the rind of the fruit is used. So you enjoy all its flavor! The juice is combined with ice and lemon juice for a hint of tartness. To close the sweet with a golden key, the tip is to finish the preparation with a thread of condensed milk.

6. Strawberry Scratch

Blender recipe is synonymous with practicality, isn’t it? If that’s what you’re looking for, check out all the tips for this option that still has a very short ingredient list. Thus, even those who have no experience in the kitchen can achieve a successful result.

7. Acai shavings

Very Brazilian, this recipe with açaí also takes water, lemon juice and is sweetened with cane molasses. With a preparation in the blender, the candy is very simple to make. However, since ice is not used, the mixture should rest in the freezer for approximately 4 hours before the slushie is served.

8. Blackcurrant shavings

To flavor the pieces of ice, this recipe uses only blackcurrant syrup and condensed milk. All this makes this option ready in less than 5 minutes. This leaves more time for you to enjoy your slushie.

9. Colored scratch off

To make your slushie very colorful and full of flavors, the purpose of this recipe is to use different flavors of powdered juice. You can choose your favorite flavors for this. And there’s more: you still learn how to increase the dessert with edible gum.

10. Korean sweet bean slushie

How about testing a Korean recipe in your kitchen? Here, you’ll learn two versions of how to make slushie at home: one using canned red beans and the other cooking the beans at home. Unlike the common, this is a good option for those who want to innovate.

With so many delicious slushie recipes, it’s easy to beat the heat! If you are inspired and want to innovate in the kitchen, you can also venture into the preparation of an ice cream pie.

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