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Santa Sarah Cali sympathy to get pregnant in 2020

As many predictions show, the year 2020 will be very favorable for finding your love partner, dating, getting married and having children. In other words, the family will grow. But, I always see the sadness of many girls who want to have children and for some reason, do not get pregnant. Then there is anguish or anxiety that will hinder the arrival of the baby.

At this time when a woman wants so much to get pregnant, it is very important to believe that she will make it and have faith. Have faith and ask God for protection and help and all the saints of your faith.

A saint who protects mothers, their children and helps women who cannot get pregnant is the Santa Sarah Cali, the protector of gypsies and mothers. The account I have of miracles that this saint performed with women who could not get pregnant and today have their children is “absurdly positive”. I myself have guided some clients of Feng Shui and tarot who couldn’t get pregnant, asking for protection and the miracle of the saint, with great success in the end. That is, your son or daughter was born with the blessings of Santa Sarah Cali.

As I already mentioned, Santa Sara Kali protects women who are having difficulty getting pregnant. Many gypsies who were unable to have children made promises. If this actually happened, the pregnant women would go to Santa’s crypt, in Saintes Maries de La Mer in the south of France, they would make a night of vigil and deposit at their feet as an offering a diklô (a gypsy handkerchief), the most beautiful they could find. In this place there are thousands of handkerchiefs, as proof that many gypsies received this grace.

Sympathy for Santa Sarah

You will make this sympathy from your residence. You can do it now at the end of 2019 or at the beginning of 2020. Or any day of the month and any month.

You will need:

  • an image of Santa Sarah Cali; it may be a statue or the printed image;

  • A neckerchief that you always wear. It can’t be a new scarf. The scarf has to have your energy. If you don’t have it, buy a scarf and wear it with you for 21 days before doing the sympathy;

  • A small white candle.

Do the sympathy at 6 am, 9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm or 6 pm. On a table or on your altar, place one of Santa Sarah in front of you. The scarf you place in front of the image and light the white candle next to the image.

Pray the prayer below and make your request in faith. Give thanks at the end and let the candle burn until the end. Leave Santa Sarah with the handkerchief in this spot until she gets pregnant and the baby is born.

When it is one year old, take the handkerchief to church and leave it at the feet of a saint.

Powerful prayer to Santa Clara Kali

Beloved Santa Sara! In the silence of my soul, I address you and I ask you with all my love to forgive me and my fellow men who may have harmed me, intentionally or unintentionally. I forgive them too, because I know you are the only true gypsy queen, who blesses and supports everyone!

Gypsy or not, because I know that you have a lot of light to understand human smallness, and I know that you know that you are not owned by anyone, including ethnicities, being a spirit of great light, going beyond all that! Any human being who addresses you will be supported and blessed by your light!

Santa Sara, support us, open our spiritual eyes, so that we are not victims of injustice and evil. And may we not have enemies, for we are all brothers! And may I practice light, devotion to you and may I never act cruelly towards my fellow men, and may they not become cruel, including those who profess your devotion!

For the joy of the winds, the full moon, the sun that supports us, through the divine fire, for the blessed waters that provide us with life and food for the land that I walk with pride to be your devotee, I turn to you asking: love, peace , light, luck, health for me and my family!

I also thank you for the energy of light that I receive right now. I who pray and receive from you the light I need (request). For the colorful ribbons, for the lace, for the joyful music of the gypsy people, I dedicate this prayer to all gypsy people and creatures of nature. Amen.

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