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Russian stitch: materials, step by step and 50 ideas for embroidery

The handmade pieces made with Russian stitch are amazing for gifting, collecting and even making at home. The embossed touch makes these pieces sophisticated, elegant and very beautiful, in addition to having incredible versatility. You can use the Russian stitch technique on diapers, rugs, clothes, among many other fabrics.

Want to know more about this embroidery stitch that few know? Come check out the history, inspirations and tutorials to make your arts in Russian stitch!

What is Russian point?

Russian stitch, as the name implies, is an embroidery technique that emerged in Russia and soon expanded to the rest of the world. It consists of an embroidery made with a special needle and different types of thread. Its differential is the final result: the pieces are finished in high relief!

You can learn to make beautiful pieces with this stitch easily and, in addition to being a very fun and relaxing hobby, you can also gift or sell the pieces, guaranteeing an extra income at the end of the month.

Material for Russian stitch kit

For those who are already familiar with this embroidery, some materials on this list are nothing new. If Russian stitch is new to you, here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Russian Stitch Needle: Russian stitch needle is different from ordinary embroidery needles. It has a special design to leave your crafts in high relief.
  • Lines: Russian stitch lines can be varied depending on the effect you want to create. You can use thick lines and even ribbons.
  • Scissors: it is ideal to be a finishing scissors to facilitate your sewing.
  • Hoop: this accessory is always useful in any sewing or embroidery and should always be larger than the size of the design you intend to embroider.
  • Fabric: just like the thread, the fabric can also vary according to your preference, ranging from satin to traditional towels.
  • Graphics: the graphics will be your guides on this journey through embroidery, they will contain the design you chose to print your fabric.
  • Stencil: with the stencil, you will draw the pattern directly on the fabric, also serving as a guide.
  • Milky thermoline: the milky thermoline will be applied at the end of your embroidery to make it ready, only on the reverse side, taking great care not to leak to the other side.

Most materials are readily available at hardware and craft stores, so you’ll have no trouble making your own!

How to make russian stitch step by step

Now that you know what materials you need, just get your hands dirty! That’s why we’ve separated 5 step-by-step videos to help you:

Russian stitch needle

The Russian stitch needle is one of the unique accessories of this type of embroidery and it has some curious characteristics. Lalá, from the Clube do Bordado channel, tells you a little bit about this style of needle so you can get started already knowing everything!

Russian stitch: the new fashion

It is a fact that the Russian stitch, or punch needle, is becoming more and more popular. In this very cool video, from the DIY Tutorials channel, you will see a very basic tutorial on how to get started with this technique, in addition to answering some questions.

Russian stitch for beginners

Those who are just starting in the embroidery world can also venture into Russian stitch without a secret! Who gives the tips is Renata Dania, from Clube do Bordado. Come and see!

Plush stitch in Russian stitch

If you’ve already gone through the initial stages and want to delve into a new stitch of this embroidery, come check out this amazing plush stitch that Marina Dini teaches!

Russian stitch ladybug rug

And the possibilities don’t stop! Sil, from the channel Sil Talagarça e Cia, teaches in this amazing video how to make a ladybug rug using Russian stitch. It’s to exercise your creativity more and more.

The Russian stitch is intuitive and very simple to make, it can give you amazing pieces and a hobby that will hold you back.

50 Russian stitch inspirations to make your own

Now it’s time to get inspired! See 50 models of pieces made with Russian stitch to get ideas and encourage your creations.

1. With the Russian stitch it is possible to create impressive effects

2. In addition to very cute pieces

3. It is possible to bet on minimalist and sweet designs

4. Which can even become decoration items

5. With the Russian stitch, you can literally make art

6. And even send a message

7. The pieces made with this embroidery will surprise you

8. You can make templates for gifting

9. Taking advantage of special occasions

10. Or do it to have your embroidery at home

11. Whether in cloths, towels or decorative items

12. Rugs also benefit from this technique

13. Just like the pillows

14. Which become very creative pieces

15. You can innovate in different formats

16. And take advantage of a time of year to do your embroidery

17. Give free rein to your imagination with thread and needle

18. Or get ready-made drawings in graphics

19. Anyway, the result will surprise you

20. What about this cuddly panda in Russian stitch?

21. The kits are also impressive

22. Innovating and creating a new design is extremely valuable

23. And use Russian stitch to decorate your living room too

24. Another room that can win a piece is the children’s room

25. With mega creative and cute options

26. Minimalist designs are perfect for getting started in the technique

27. The more elaborate drawings are ideal for delving deeper

28. Assembling different kits from a single modelinho can be an amazing idea

29. What about this cute little fox couple?

30. And those delicate flowers?

31. There is no size limit for your embroidery pieces

32. And there are no limits on formats, models, designs…

33. The freedom of creation will delight you

34. You can print the most diverse names for special occasions

35. And the most diverse animals to give away

36. Inspiration can come from where you least expect it

37. This pet kit is perfect for decorating your little one’s room

38. And this delicate cup can stamp your kitchen wall

39. Making these modelinhos can become an amazing hobby

40. Play with formats, designs, colors and themes

41. And try to replicate photos, paintings and moments

42. Your decor will be more complete!

43. Eternize everything in the fabric in unique pieces

44. Look, isn’t it the cutest thing in the world?

45. You decide the inspiration and how to put it on the fabric

46. ​​Explore your imagination

47. The practice of this embroidery can lead you to perfection

48. And you can even sell these beautiful pieces

49. Or give gifts to special people

50. Making your life and others more colorful

Whether for gifting or creating your own collection, Russian stitch is a beautiful form of craft, in addition to being accessible and very simple to learn. If embroidery is your thing, you will also like our post about cross stitch!

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