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Russia Attacks Ukraine: Can Women Be Called to War?

The whole world is following the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Since World War II, this is the biggest attack by one European country against another located on the same continent.

The Ukrainian army faces Russian invaders who are attacking via land, sea and air, as ordered by Vladimir Putin. The Russian leader justifies that military action is aimed at protecting separatists in the east and threatens anyone with any intention of interfering.

When a major confrontation of this magnitude occurs, doubts about what would happen in a world-class war can arise. Among them: who could be summoned in case of war? Can women be summoned? The answer to these questions can be found below:

Men can be called up and women can too, but in specific cases

In our country, there are active military personnel and also reservists, but in the event of a world-class conflict, every Brazilian over 18 years of age, up to a specific age, set by the current government, can be summoned to defend Brazil. As established by Decree-Law 1187/1939:

3rd In the event of a foreign war, or to maintain national integrity, every Brazilian over 18 years of age and up to an age that the Government will set as a result of the circumstances of the occasion, may be called upon to render service in defense of the Homeland.

It is worth mentioning that there is an order for citizens to be summoned. At first, active military personnel are called up, and only later, reserve soldiers, that is, those who, in the last five years, have been part of the Armed Forces. In addition, there is yet another call-up sequence: reservists with full military training, with insufficient military training, and without military training.

As for women, the law also requires them to be summoned in the event of a war. Women would be summoned only in positions compatible with the situation and nature, which could be in hospitals providing noscomial care or even outside this operation. Read an excerpt from the Decree-Law:

Art. 1st Every Brazilian is obliged to perform military service for national defense, in the form of federal laws and respective regulations and will perform it according to his situation, capacity and aptitude.
Single paragraph. Only in the case of mobilization, women will be used in tasks compatible with their situation and nature, whether in hospitals in the noscomial assistance service, outside the areas of operations, or in industries and tasks related to the needs of the war.

Would you be ready to face a war if you were called upon?

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