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Round midi skirt: 76 photos of the piece that makes you even more stylish

The midi skirt is that item that appears in the closet of women of all styles: combined with a high heel, it leaves the look powerful and elegant. Already with a sneaker, the production gains even more romanticism. And for the cool and trendy ones on duty, a cool sneaker completes the composition with a lot of style.

Want to buy a midi skirt but don’t know how to wear it? Do you have a lost one in your wardrobe but can’t compose a look? The midi length is not always the easiest to bet on, but a few inspirations are enough for you to jump into this trend that is here to stay! Check out 77 photos that will prove the versatility of the full midi skirt:

1. The full midi skirt makes you look elegant right away

2. But the look can be more casual

3. Thanks to the versatility of this part

4. The black round midi skirt is a must have in the closet

5. Even for those who never abandon the good old t-shirt

6. From more elaborate productions

7. Even looks for the day to day rush

8. Round midi skirt is almost synonymous with romanticism, right?

9. The floral print fits this piece very well

10. Which does not mean that the geometric is left out

11. And speaking of geometric…

12. Round midi skirt + ruffles? We have!

13. This piece can be really cool

14. The pleat is another feature to make the piece even more amazing

15. It gives movement to the skirt

16. And it promises to stay on the rise in the coming seasons

17. The full midi skirt guarantees a fresh look

18. Which can be used at work

19. Or happy hour after work

20. Printed, this skirt is even more passionate

21. Did someone say passionate?

22. This model makes anyone sigh

23. How about a classy full midi skirt?

24. She can be present in the office look

25. It doesn’t matter if your work is more informal

26. Or ask for a more elaborate production

27. And for the weekend outing, the midi skirt is a sure bet

28. With a mini bag, the look is even more romantic

29. How about using a scarf instead of a belt?

30. A touch of color is always welcome in the monochromatic look

31. And that little flower matching the delicacy of the skirt? A charm!

32. Another item that goes with the full midi skirt is the gypsy blouse

33. Not sure what to match those cropped jeans with? Finish off with a round denim midi skirt!

34. How about pairing it with a lace crop top that is sexy and stylish?

35. The full black midi skirt can save an uncreative day

36. And she can even appear in the hottest productions

37. Speaking of warmer looks…

38. Yes, you can wear a skirt in winter!

39. And the composition can be very elegant

40. In summer, the full midi skirt is a darling

41. Round midi skirt is the best friend in many women’s closet

42. And in the most varied styles

43. Who said the full midi skirt always has to be romantic?

44. She can be very stylish and trendy

45. And composing productions with a street style look

46. ​​Who else loves a metallic?

47. And the sparkle is in this season

48. The flared midi skirt brings elegance and romanticism

49. A light skirt for hot days

50. Combine it with sandals and you’re ready for any occasion

51. See how easy the piece is to match?

52. So, do you already know which model you will choose?

53. But you can give the full midi skirt another air

54. Midi skirt with sneakers for everyday running

55. Or with booties for happy hour after work

56. And if you prefer, a very powerful jump

57. If you’re sick of your jeans, go for the full midi skirt

58. For formal events, combine with a delicate blouse

59. And for a walk on the beach, sandals and a straw bag

60. Sneakers + full midi skirt + t-shirt = perfect combo

61. The denim jacket balances the prettiest look

62. In winter, combine with over the knee boots to elongate the silhouette

63. High heels can also give this effect

64. Bet on the mix of prints for an irreverent proposal

65. This artifice takes the production out of the obvious

66. The mixture of two similar tones makes the look elegant

67. Do you already know which piece to bet on to rock? That’s right, the full midi skirt!

68. It’s the perfect piece for the days when you don’t know what to wear

69. And she alone is already the highlight of the composition

70. Even more so if it’s red!

71. And that doesn’t mean the full black midi skirt doesn’t have its charm

72. Bet on asymmetrical pieces for a fashionista look

73. The texture of the blouse balanced out the completely smooth skirt

74. And speaking of balance, check out this inspiration

See how many possibilities the midi skirt can bring to everyday compositions? In addition to everyday looks, it can also be part of other occasions that require more formality. Bet on different accessories and shoes and you’ll be ready for any event, whether it’s lunch with friends or the end-of-year get-together at work!

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