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Round bag: models and 20 looks that prove the style of this accessory

The round bag is among the season’s favorite items and it’s here to stay. With different models and colors, this accessory matches different occasions, as well as being super practical for everyday life. Check out 20 stylish looks with the piece, beautiful models to buy and tutorials for you to rock a custom round bag!

The round bag trend

The round bag has made a comeback in recent seasons. After appearing in couture shows with revamped models, she became a street style favorite. After all, it is super practical for everyday life and perfect for casual chic looks.

The traditional model is vintage, with a short strap that recalls the romantic and ultra-feminine style of past decades. There are also pieces with long straps, which complete the look, leaving it stripped down. Round straw bags don’t just appear in beachwear and are now part of everyday and sophisticated looks for work. Want to know how to match the accessory? Don’t miss the next topic!

20 looks with a round bag for you to adopt this accessory now

And to give you an idea of ​​how to combine this versatile accessory, check out 20 stylish looks and get inspired!

1. The round bag is practical for everyday use

2. But it can also be combined into elegant and social looks

3. There are several models and colors for you to choose one that matches your style

4. Black, for example, is super versatile

5. The pink round bag brings an extra charm to the production

6. To get the look right, bet on neutral colors

7. For a fashionista look, combine earth tones

8. After all, the caramel brown round bag is in!

9. The red round bag can be combined into a casual look for work

10. Or in an elegant and sophisticated production

11. If you love casual long dresses, why not complete it with this accessory?

12. The round straw bag is a perfect match

13. Those who love trends can bet on a model with studs

14. And who is looking for a bag to use with everything, how about one like this?

15. You can invest in a round leather bag that will last through several seasons.

16. And it’s that accessory that goes well with all shades and colors

17. Another sure bet is the white round bag

18. And also the relaxed ones, who don’t give up a practical look!

19. Cool and versatile, isn’t it?

It’s a model more beautiful than the other, and the best thing is that you can use the bag on several occasions! And you, do you prefer the classic ones that match everything or the straw models full of sophistication?

Find the perfect round bag for you

And now that you know how to combine this versatile and stylish accessory, see 10 models available for you to buy!

  1. Colcci blue round bag from Posh
  2. Round caramel bag, at Renner
  3. Round brown bag from Dafiti
  4. Round green canvas bag from Via Mia
  5. Round leather bag from Via Mia
  6. Round straw bag from Amaro
  7. Round varnish bag, at Renner
  8. Black round bag from Dafiti
  9. White round bag, at Renner
  10. Pink round bag from Zattini

As you saw in the inspirations, it is worth investing in a round bag as it can be combined in many ways, without having to give up your own style. Which one won your heart?

How to make your own round bag

If you’re saving up and love crafts, see how you can make your own round bag. There are practical and seamless tutorials. Check out!

How to make a seamless round bag

This round bag is pure charm and it is possible to make it without sewing. It is necessary to assemble the base of it with a firm paper, cover with fabric and finish with the zipper and the finishing of the handle. Check out the step by step video.

Round bag with only 4 materials

This bag is full of sophistication and to make it you only need 4 main materials. Its differential is in the finish, which has a zipper instead of a zipper, in addition to a smaller strap, which makes the model supervintage.

Step by step: round bag in the fanny pack

Another fashion that made a comeback was the fanny pack and why not combine two trends in a single piece? See how to make a round bag for you to carry around your waist with a professional finish and full of details. If you prefer the traditional model, there is an explanation of how to make the strap to use cross-sectionally.

Tutorial: round rope bag

And if you like the laid-back models, see how to make a bag using cotton rope and sisal thread. To compose this accessory, it is not necessary to sew. It is possible to do with hot glue and a firm paper for the pattern. The result is an elegant bag perfect for summer use!

Super easy straw round bag

The round straw bag is all the rage and you can make one for yourself from this tutorial. Despite the unusual materials, such as pot rests, this model is creative and neat.

You can choose the fabric to compose the bag and leave it exactly as you want. Despite the work, the handmade pieces are economical and personalized. Convinced to incorporate this cool accessory into your style? And to make your look always complete, check out 20 white bag models.

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