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Rotary brush: everything you need to know to choose yours

The rotating brush is an item that has been gaining more and more space in the daily lives of women who seek practicality. The accessory helps to dry and model the wires quickly, as well as being an ally for those who don’t have much coordination to handle a dryer and a brush at the same time.

There are several options on the market for all budgets, but do you know the difference between each of them? We separate the models available and the particularities of each one to help you choose the best one to make your hair even more beautiful and look like someone who has just left the salon!

What is the best rotary brush?

Not sure which brush to choose? Get to know a little more about each of them and see which one best suits your needs!

1. Turbo Ion 3000 Range Italy Rotary Brush

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The Gama Italy rotary brush is the most powerful on the market, reaching up to 1300W of power. The device comes with five accessories to model the wires, has two speeds and rotates to both sides, allowing different finishes. Another great benefit is the emission of negative ions, which help seal the hair cuticle and eliminate frizz.

“It’s super light and really cool for people who don’t have two-handed skills. As it comes with different nozzles, it does different styles, so regardless of the structure of your hair you will be able to model with any of these nozzles.” – Bottomless navel

2. Air Brush Titanium Conair Polishop Rotary Brush

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Polishop’s products are anyone’s dream! And the brand’s favorite brush is no different. It promises to dry, straighten and model at the same time, leaving the hair with a salon result. To leave the perfect finish, it has the action of Titanium, which eliminates frizz and neutralizes the static electricity of the wires.

It can be used with dry, damp or wet strands and on all types of hair, smoothing curly hair and shaping straight ends in or out.

“This is a product that is certainly worth the money invested. This brush has many needs for me. It’s not a professional brush like you’ll do at the hairdresser’s, but it helps you a lot and is very practical” – Carol Kyoko

3. Mondial Tourmaline Infinity Ion Rotary Brush

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If you are looking for something more affordable, the Mondial rotary brush is the cheapest on the market. It has 1000W of power and its highlight is the Tourmaline technology, which helps to control unruly strands.

It has two temperatures of hot and cold air, to make the hair more shiny and give that special touch at the end. A detail that makes the difference is that the brush has a rotating handle, which facilitates movements when drying.

“It is very practical and easy to use. She quickly dries and brushes her hair and the result is pretty cool. It doesn’t smooth, just dries and gives a light brush. When I need to dry my hair, I use it because it is much more practical.” – Ana Bochi Channel

4. Britânia Soft Dryer Brush

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Unlike other brushes, the Britannia model does not have swivel movements. It is practical to brush and dry your hair at the same time quickly, thanks to its 1200W of power.

The brush has bristles with rubber tips to not damage the hair, Ion Tourmaline technology, which neutralizes static electricity and closes the cuticle, and a ceramic coating to maintain hydration. It has three speeds and two temperature options.

“If you like practicality, go for this brush. Despite its size, it is very light, lighter than a hairdryer. You can finish leaving the hair smooth or with curled ends.” – Geh Rose

5. 3 in 1 Relaxbeauty Avon Brush

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The latest launch on the market is the Avon Relaxbeauty 3-in-1 Brush, which dries, smoothes and shapes. She is very similar to the Britannia model and also does not make any spinning movements. The accessory has 1200W of power and three temperature settings. It has a ceramic coating and can reach a temperature of 140ºC.

“I loved the brush. I found that it heats up a lot and straightened my hair very easily. Because I have a big head, she wrapped it in my hair and allowed me to brush it more precisely and it glides on very easily. My hair was very silky, it lowered the volume a lot and gave it a lot of shine.” – Dally Glamor

6. Cadence Real Beauty Pro Rotary Brush

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Cadence’s rotating brush transforms your brush into several accessories that will make your life easier. In addition to the main brush, it comes with a smaller one for finishing and a nozzle that turns it into a dryer. It has tourmaline ions, which make hair shiny, full of movement and eliminate frizz.

It has three temperature settings and swivels to both sides allowing finishing in or out. It is a lightweight accessory and has manual dual voltage adjustment, which makes it perfect for taking on trips.

“She leaves her hair super brushed, super smooth, really modeled. She leaves a beautiful movement, a natural movement” – Bruna Munhoz – Vaidosa e Feminina

7. Philco Beauty Shine Rotary Brush

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Philco has two rotating brush models and one of them is the Beauty Shine. This one, despite being simpler, is already a great help to dry, model, straighten and leave the hair full of shine in a practical and fast way. It has two directions of rotation, facilitating handling and styling, two temperature options, cold air and can also be used as a hair dryer.

“If before I took 40 minutes, an hour to do a brush, now in 20 minutes I’m smooth and perfect with this brush. The hair is left loose, soft, aligned and frizz-free.” – Nati Nahas

8. Philco Spin Ion Brush

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The Spin Ion Brush by Philco is a more complete model than the previous one. The brush is 4 in 1: dries, shapes, smooths and adds volume. It can be used on dry, damp or wet hair and releases ions that reduce hair static electricity.

The product comes with accessories that meet different needs: brush, diffuser nozzle and comb with ceramic coating tips. It has 1110W of power, providing salon results at home!

“The hair looks like I went to the salon, very loose. Normally I can’t do a brush like this, without frizz, and since this is a brush with ions, it doesn’t leave the hair with that static energy of being all up, so it stays in a good line. With this brush I was able to style my hair looser and a little shaped.” – Andreza Goulart

Rotary brush worth it?

If you still have any doubts about whether it is really worth investing in a rotary brush, the answer is: yes, it is. With it, you can easily finish the hair, leaving the ends in or out, much like the salon result.

In addition, it is much more practical even for a simple drying, as you can detangle and dry at the same time and all this with one hand, being great for those who do not have much skill with a brush and dryer. Thanks to technologies, practically all of them eliminate frizz and leave the strands much softer and full of shine.

How to use rotary brush

Despite all the practicality, at first it may seem a little complicated to handle the brush, but nothing that a few attempts and these videos with some tips can’t help you!

Rotary brush: is it worth it? honest review

In this video, blogger Ju Romano tests the famous Polishop rotary brush and gives an honest review with a list of pros and cons of the product. Watch and draw your conclusions if it’s worth making the investment!

Flat iron brush vs. rotative brush. Which is more worth it?

Here, blogger Karol Pinheiro battles between a straightening brush and the rotating brush by Gama Italy. Find out the difference between the products and find out which one best suits your needs!

How to use the rotating brush on curly hair

If you have curly hair and like to change the look and leave the strands straight, see how the rotating brush can help you and leave your hair with a salon result!

Polishop Rotary Brush Does It Really Work?

Youtuber Niina Secrets tested Polishop’s Conair spinning school for the first time and shows how the experience was and if it really works!

See how easy it is to have beautiful hair without leaving home? To rock even more, check out how to make curls with a flat iron in a simple and no secret way!

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