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Romantic nails for Valentine’s Day

On June 12, 2012, Tuesday, Valentine’s Day is celebrated, a very special date for couples. Therefore, we prepared a nail tutorial especially to honor this day.

We combine the one-child nail trend with the stamp decoration technique. The end result was a romantic, modern and cute nail.

The color variation depends on your taste, we bet on colors that remind you of love, white with red.

The designs can also vary greatly depending on your license plate. As the theme was Valentine’s Day, we chose heart designs. Check out below the materials used and the step-by-step to carry out the decoration of the only child nail with the stamp.

Necessary materials

  • Creamy red nail polish for the base (We used two layers of Santa Gula da Risqué average price R$2.60 each);
  • Konad Simple Stamp Kit (1 nail stamp and 1 spatula. Average price R$16.90);
  • Konad plate nº M03 (Average price R$ 14.90 each);
  • Special enamel for stamp (We chose white from Konad – average price R$ 4.90 each);
  • An extra shine (Average price R$2.60).

Romantic nail step-by-step

Prepare your nails as usual. Sand, carefully remove the cuticles, use a polish and apply the colorless foundation. Then apply the two layers of red nail polish on all nails and wait for it to dry well to start decorating.

With the nails very dry, choose the desired design and apply the special white nail polish on the plate. With the spatula, remove the excess and press the stamp on the design and then on the only daughter nail in the desired location. It is necessary that a test be done on the nails before starting the procedure to see if the design will be as expected. So you don’t run the risk of damaging your nails.

After applying the stamp, clean the excess left on the nails with a toothpick, cotton and nail polish remover. Lastly, after the nails are completely dry, apply a coat of extra shine to extend the duration of the nail designs.

Rock the romantic nails for Valentine’s Day with the stamped nail decoration.

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