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Relationships x social networks

Since the times when Orkut was widely used, much has been said about the effects of social networks on dating. The “dangers” of using networks by committed people can range from possible jealousy crises to more serious situations, such as virtual betrayal.

To prevent your behavior on the network from jeopardizing your relationship, it is necessary to adopt some precautions and change attitudes of being single to attitudes of someone committed. Below we suggest some things you can do to avoid dating, engagement or marriage problems because of social media.

The first tip is that you should be very clear with your partner about your virtual friendships. You don’t need to give him a report on every friend, but emphasize that these people are important to you and that they are just friends – even men.

If he is very jealous of your internet friends, the decision to continue these friendships or not is yours, but remember that you are not obligated to stop having male friends because you are in a relationship.

A suggestion to avoid jealousy with your virtual friends is to avoid excessive exposure on social networks. For example, the less you comment and like your friends’ photos, the less jealous he will be (possibly).

Another recommendation is to be careful with those who seem to be friends, only they are actually there on your social media trying to end your relationship. Keep an eye out and don’t let anyone get in the way of the relationship.

We also suggest sharing the virtual friendships you have with your partner, this is the best way to prevent him from getting jealous. Once he gets to know the person, he’ll realize that it’s just a friendship and that will make his life easier.

We also recommend avoiding virtual flirting situations. As much as at times it seems innocent, in the eyes of others, it can sound like a betrayal. And worst of all, flirting can evolve into that. So avoid.

Another tip is not to look for what you don’t want to see. If you are very jealous, don’t go to your partner’s profile and look for reasons to be jealous and angry. Don’t do this to you.

Also, try not to comment on the facts of your personal life or your life as a couple on the internet. Do not put indirects on your profile on social media. This kind of attitude can make some situations even worse.

To avoid problems, the general tip is to keep everything very clear with your partner. If both are aware of what each other thinks about friendships in the virtual environment, it is more likely that the use of social networks will not become a problem in the couple’s life. So, talk to him about it and don’t miss unresolved issues about virtual relationships.

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