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Reiki Side Effects – When Should I Not Do Reiki?

Reiki, known as hand healing, is a relaxing energy therapy. Its benefits are felt by many patients.

Despite being an alternative medicine, the effects of Reiki have been scientifically investigated and its effectiveness against pain and stress management proven. But are there any side effects of Reiki? When should I not do Reiki? Find out in this article!

Reiki side effects

Scientifically, only one negative reaction to Reiki has been verified: a child treated by the therapy had a drop in blood oxygen levels.

But, generally speaking, what happens is that after a Reiki treatment, the patient’s body starts working very intensely to heal itself.

For this, the body tends to cleanse its own organs and tissues of toxins, which generates the side effects of Reiki. Among them are: stomach pain, indigestion, diarrhea and headache.

However, the unpleasant sensations of this detox cleanse only last a day or two.

Another side effect of Reiki is emotional, as the detoxification carried out by the body also consists of releasing feelings and thoughts that are not useful for the patient’s health.

The development of a psychological dependence on the Reiki healer is also possible, but this Reiki side effect has no scientific evidence.

Limitations and warnings

It is important to note that, although Reiki has numerous benefits, it is a complementary treatment. In other words, it cannot be used to replace conventional health treatments, nor to postpone seeing the doctor.

When can I not do Reiki?

It is not advised to do Reiki on fractures, as there are chances that the bone will heal in the wrong place.

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Another situation in which Reiki should be avoided is in the fight against bacterial, viral or inflammatory diseases.

When Reiki is applied to a bacterial focus, for example, that focus can harmonize and amplify.

Benefits of Reiki

Despite the small side effects of Reiki, the benefits of this therapy outweigh some discomforts to have the body healed and healthy.

We list below some of the main benefits.

1) Promotes harmony and balance

Reiki is a non-invasive therapy that works directly to restore the body’s balance at all its levels.

This balance consists of keeping the left and right brain, male and female, mind and emotion in harmony. Helps the body release stress and tension by creating deep relaxation

Reiki relaxes the entire body, leaving patients feeling lighter and calmer. So a positive side effect of Reiki is sleep. It’s a delight to sleep peacefully after a session.

2) Dissolves energy blocks

In every living organism many energies circulate. However, our actions, thoughts and feelings such as fear, guilt or anger, and negative energies in the environment can cause us to have energy blocks.

Energy blockages are responsible for many physical ailments. Reiki helps us dissolve these blocks, facilitating our body’s healing.

3) Promotes natural balance between mind, body and spirit

As the treatment makes the patient calmer and serene, consequently he is less stressed in his daily life.

This balance of mind in a vibe “under stress” improves learning, memory and mental clarity.

4) Helps the body cleanse itself of toxins

As we explained earlier, Reiki makes the body understand that detoxification is required to heal itself.

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Thus, not only does our body begin to cleanse itself of toxins, but so does our mind.

5) Strengthens the immune system

This alternative therapy reminds our body of its self-healing abilities, which will directly reflect on our immune system.

6) Improves focus by clearing the mind

Reiki helps us to stay in the present moment, preventing our mind from suffering from past regrets or making us anxious about the future.

7) Helps you sleep better

The main benefit of this treatment is relaxation. And when we relax, we sleep better, our body has more energy to work on healing and our thoughts have more clarity.

Many clients become so relaxed that they fall into a deep sleep midway through the session itself.

8) Accelerates the body’s ability to self-heal

Self-healing is also another important benefit of Reiki. It makes your body move in the right direction, improving breathing, heart rate and blood pressure.

When the body is working in perfect sync, it can focus on self-healing.

9) Relieves physical pain

Patients undergoing Reiki treatment quickly feel a reduction in their physical pains such as migraines, arthritis and sciatica.

The treatment also relieves symptoms of asthma, chronic fatigue, menopause and insomnia.

10) Helps with spiritual growth and emotional cleansing

Reiki is capable of creating profound changes in people. After a Reiki session, the patient has more clarity to see the resolution of a difficult solution, for example.

Therapy also inspires changes in attitude or beliefs. Patients are able to see life from a new, more positive perspective.

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