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Reddish brown: inspirations and tips to rock the color

Changing your hair is always good, isn’t it? How about choosing auburn as your new color? Neither red, nor brown: a beautiful mix and full of charm. Get inspired and learn how to achieve that tone!

20 reddish brown hair to fall in love with

Despite being a more discreet tone, the reddish brown can be the up that was missing in your look. To be sure of this, just take a look at these wonderful photos that we have chosen for you.

1. The reddish brown tone can be more open

2. Or more closed

3. It is a mature and elegant color

4. Look how beautiful this curly hair inspiration is!

5. If you have short hair, betting on this color can be perfect

6. The short bob is an option that will look great with this tone

7. Betting on reddish brown with highlights is to make your hair more modern

8. In brunettes and blacks, the tone enhances the skin color

9. It’s very charming and looks amazing on long hair too

10. The tone is between red and brown

11. If you like more discreet colors, this is the perfect option

12. An almost imperceptible reddish to give a light

13. Or leave the wires with a more lively tone

14. It’s a choice that can’t go wrong

15. Reddish brown hair gets shinier

16. And you stray a bit from the obvious

17. With a fringe, it looks even more original

18. Reddish brown hair will change your look

19. It will bring a new style to you

20. And make you even more beautiful!

With these inspirations, you will get the tone right and look wonderful, with the most modern and elegant yarns!

Toners and dyes to achieve the reddish brown tone

But what kind of toner is for this? What are the ideal paints to achieve the tone? See the best tips for you to choose the right product.

1. Hydracollor Acaju Purpura 3.66 – $

The product is made with lanolin and sunflower oil and promises a vibrant, luminous and long-lasting color.

“It doesn’t leave the color dull on the strands, it leaves the hair very shiny.” – Dani’s channel

2. Igora Royal Opulescense 7.48 – $$

It promises to bring vibration and a lot of light to the wires, in addition to keeping them healthy and with less need for maintenance.

“The paint fulfills the copper tone it promises, leaving a very reddish background.” – Caroline Mair

3. She is Carioca toner – $$$

A product that will light up your strands and bring that incredible hydration to your hair. It is a semi-permanent toner that opens up the reddish background.

That way, it’s easier to choose the product that will make your brown more reddish, isn’t it? But keep in mind that the result may vary from hair to hair or from color to color.

reddish brown hair step by step

To achieve the reddish tone of brown, you need to follow a few steps. That’s why we’ve prepared very didactic tutorials for you. Check out!

From black to brown

If you have black hair, this video will be perfect for you. Here, you will learn how to achieve brown with a reddish background without damaging the strands.

How to get to reddish brown

gentian violet? Hydratation cream? toner? Yes, these are the little mixtures to get the reddish brown. Check it out in the video!

a lighter tone

With this video, you will learn how to make the reddish brown facing more towards the copper, lighter.

Have you already surrendered to reddish brown? You can’t help but love, right? If you want a little more red in your hair, take advantage of these tips on coppery red with us!

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