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Protection Amulet: Tetragrammaton – Amulets and Talismans

The Tetragrammaton is one of the most powerful amulets that exist in the world since ancient times. If you are worried about the evils that lie in wait for you, bad luck or the envy of others towards you, then this reading interests you! The Star of five points is considered by many to be the best protection amulet.

Do you know where this amulet comes from? The tetragrammaton it could be the oldest talisman in the history of mankind. The word refers to the creator God of all things. The origin of this word could be Hebrew or Jewish. Others claim that it comes from the ancient peoples of the Middle East. The origins of the word itself are already mysterious. Well, in its original form it is composed of the letters «YHVH», four consonants impossible for humans to pronounce. His first appearance took place in the Genesis of the Bible.

Tetragrammaton protection pendant uses
Tetragrammaton protection pendant uses

Since it could not be pronounced, the forms Yaveh or Jehovah are used to identify the almighty God. It is thought that its meaning would be the «cause that it comes to be» or «the one that makes it come to be». It is the name of something very powerful and not human.

It is not known for sure when it began to be used as a talisman or amulet. we know it was the talisman of wizards, witches and alchemists of the ancient times. Only they had the knowledge and experience to use it.

The magical uses of the Tetragrammaton amulet

There are many elements that are represented in the star of the tetragrammaton. Its five points reflect the union of the unequal parts of nature in perfect balance. Each tip is an element: water, air, fire, earth and the call Akash (spirit and divinity) at the top.

there are many others mystical concepts represented in the star. Some examples are: the name of the almighty God, the masculine and the feminine, the sun, the moon, the planets, magic numbers or the seven metals of alchemy.

you can use this amulet What protection against evil energies. It is especially effective in warding off evil spirits and demons. In addition, the star amulet It will help you against the bad energies that other people send you. When someone envies you, tries to cast an evil eye on you, wants revenge or feels hatred and resentment towards you, they will be sending you evil energies. This is the talisman more powerful to scare away those bad energies and protect you from any spiritual damage.

You can too place this talisman on the threshold of houses so that evil spirits do not come near.

How the star talisman should be worn

Be very careful how you place this! powerful talisman! The top of the star should always point up. This is how you summon positive energies and balance. Placing the point of the star downwards, you will call the dark energies.

If you are going to use the Tetragrammaton to protect your house, you can put it on top of the doorway with the tip facing up. You can also place one in your car for good luck on the road. In case you want to wear it, we recommend that you hang it around your neck or wear a ring on your ring finger.

Silver is the best material for the Tetragrammaton. You should choose it in this metal before any other. To clean it, the ideal is that you use sea ​​or rain water. You can also use salt water if you can’t get the other. You have to be yourself who cleans the talisman. It is very important that he only has contact with you to benefit from its effect. Make it your personal object.

Do you want to know a method to recharge your talisman with protective energy? There are several ways to activate the amulet. We are going to reveal these secrets to you.

The talisman is charged when you expose it to the energy of the stars. During the day you should receive the solar energy and at night, the moon energy. You have to avoid exposing it when there is a new moon or an eclipse. However, some people find it works to recharge it on the new moon. Try the method for yourself.

Every 15 days it is highly recommended to submerge your talisman in salt water for 15 minutes. When you go to charge it with moonlight, remember to invoke the protective entity and ask for help to keep evil away from your life.

The last method that we are going to teach you is to submerge the talisman in salty seawater and leave it that way for 24 hours. Then you must expose it for 48 hours to the sun and the moon. Finally, leave it another 48 hours in the dark. To activate it, place it on your forehead (third eye) and ask for the protection you need. For example: «protect me from those who want to harm me.»

From there, you tetragrammaton It will protect you whenever you wear it as a pendant ring.

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