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Pressure cooker pasta: it’s quick and delicious

Who doesn’t love a nice pasta with lots of sauce? Pressure cooker pasta is that dish that is so tasty that no one believes how easy and quick it is. It gets super creamy, as it cooks in its own sauce and not in the water, as is usually done. Oh, and there’s one more advantage: you’ll only need to wash one pan!

This dish is quick and has few steps, ideal for those who live in a hurry or always appreciate practicality. Got hungry? Then check out the recipe for this delight!

  • In a pressure cooker, combine all the ingredients (except the curd and parmesan);
  • Pour cold water into the pan until all the ingredients are covered;
  • Cover the pan and wait 3 minutes after getting the pressure;
  • Turn off and let the pressure release normally before opening;
  • Mix the curd with the mixture until it melts;
  • Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and serve!
  • See how easy it is? This noodles can be served in different situations and for sure everyone will be drooling!

    Other pressure cooker pasta recipes

    Pressure cooker pasta is no secret. You can let your imagination run wild and add whatever ingredients you prefer. See some more ideas on how to make pasta for a change in this easy recipe!

    1. Pressure cooker pasta with smoked sausage

    This recipe has one more thing to make your pressure cooker pasta even creamier: sour cream! The base is smoked sausage and mozzarella with a touch of black pepper. Can it get bad? .

    2. Pressure cooker pasta with ground beef

    Raise your hand if you love pasta bolognese! This recipe takes a little longer because you need to sauté the ground beef. After opening the pan, add the cream too. Play the video to get even more mouth watering.

    3. Pressure cooker pasta with chicken

    Noodles with chicken is that recipe that reminds you of grandma’s house, isn’t it? How about reliving this nostalgia and preparing this dish very simply and quickly? The tip here is to cut the chicken into very small cubes for it to sauté quickly. After adding all the ingredients and the pressure cooker, count 1 minute on the clock and that’s it!

    4. Pressure cooker pasta with sausage

    Is there anything that doesn’t look wonderful with sausage? This affordable ingredient is the star of this dish that will win over everyone in your house! The recipe takes, among other ingredients, a bay leaf to make your pressure cooker pasta even more fragrant.

    5. Fit pressure cooker noodles

    Read everything and got water in your mouth, but don’t want to get off the diet? Then you can be happy because we have selected a fit pressure cooker pasta recipe! You will need chicken, onions, garlic, carrots, peeled tomatoes and whole-wheat pasta. In place of the sour cream that we have seen in the other recipes, you can add ricotta cream. It looks amazing!

    Very easy to prepare a lunch or dinner full of flavor, isn’t it? For those who are lazy or don’t have much time to spend hours in the kitchen, pressure cooker pasta is the perfect choice. Choose your favorite ingredients and get to work!

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