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Pregnancy facts that nobody tells you

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life. When well planned, it can be the fulfillment of a long-cherished desire in the core of the female soul. There are, however, some details about the pregnancy that, for distraction or to prevent you from giving up on being a mother, no one has ever told you. Yet.

Eating can become a lot of effort

First of all, there’s the so-called morning sickness: believe me, sometimes you forget that it’s “morning” and it lasts throughout the day. Eating with your stomach coming out of your mouth is always a little unpleasant.

Afterwards, the doctors tell you to maintain a balanced and healthy diet, but they forget to hand you the cook responsible for preparing all the healthy meals you need. As this apparently doesn’t really happen, it’s up to you to break your head to eat something that is practical and doesn’t hurt the baby – or the already battered stomach.

Everyone wants to have an opinion

As if the psychological pressure of generating a life wasn’t enough, everyone you meet seems to have good advice to offer. They talk about what happened to them, to the neighbor, to the acquaintance, anyway. Know how to filter these opinions so you don’t go crazy ahead of time (leave it to go crazy when there’s a baby crying at dawn, even after fed and changed).

Gaining a lot or a little weight depends a lot on your body.

As much as you try to gain a few pounds during pregnancy, your metabolism may not cooperate. The truth is, weight gain and the speed at which you will lose it after giving birth depend on a number of factors. Stay active and eat right. Other than that, hope your body is kind to you.

Panicking hinders rather than helps

When carrying a human being inside one’s own body, everyday situations can seem potentially dangerous. Avoid excessive physical efforts and high-risk situations but, above all, try not to stress yourself too much trying to protect the baby from any and all risks, no matter how small. This tension doesn’t help at all and can even be harmful to both your health and his. Breathe, relax, take basic care and enjoy your pregnancy instead of panicking

You can be wonderful, or you can be hideous.

It’s unfair, but it’s real. There are women who, when they are pregnant, become true goddesses of beauty: their skin glows, their hair is soft and shiny and they seem, more than ever, the owners of the sympathy and charisma available in the galaxy. There are women, however, who see themselves transformed into monsters. Her skin suffers from acne and blemishes, her hair doesn’t cooperate and her mood has never been worse. Unfortunately, this depends more on nature than on you and there is no cream that can completely correct the defects.

In addition, sex can improve greatly or worsen regrettably, depending on how pregnancy affects your libido and your partner’s libido. However, try to feel beautiful, since the real pregnancy has nothing to do with the ethereal image painted by magazines dedicated to pregnant women.

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