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Prayer of Saint Mary Magdalene to recover a love – Witches of Love

This prayer was also sent to us by Pripri!
Thank you, Pripri! I really enjoyed it and I can’t believe it!

Light a pink candle, and offer it to Saint Mary Magdalene and say this prayer:

“St Mary Magdalene, you who heard these words from Jesus: “Much was forgiven him because he loved so much… go in peace, your sins are forgiven”, obtain for me from God the forgiveness of my mistakes and sins, let me participate of the ardent love that inflamed your heart, so that I would be able to follow Christ to Calvary if necessary, and thus, sooner or later, have the happiness of kissing and embracing the feet of the Divine Master. As the risen Jesus called you by the name “Mary!”, he also calls by my name…. and I never again deviate from his love, with relapses in the mistakes of my past. Holy Mary Magdalene, I ask you for this grace (*ask for your love to return*), through Christ Our Lord. Amen.”

Also offer a Hail Mary to the Saint.

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