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Pray to help get pregnant

“Lord, I love You and I need You. You are in my heart. Bless my family, my home, my finances, my crazy desire to be a mother, my job and my friends in Jesus name, Amen. ” In this prayer we see the greatness of women who care about others, asking God for the blessing of family, home, work and friends. When she asks for something for herself, she asks you to bless her crazy desire to be a mother.

When a woman talks about being a mother, she is talking about how to generate a new life on this planet. A small act of enormous significance for humanity, because we don’t know how much change that being will bring to everyone in such a short future. There is a saying by an unknown author that says that “mother: a small word, but with an infinite meaning, because it means love, dedication, self-denial, strength and wisdom. Being a mother is not just giving birth, but participating in the life of your fruits generated or created. Thank you for having you”.

May God bless every woman who wants to be a mother and every child born from her womb. Below is a prayer for those who want to get pregnant.

Prayer for those who want to get pregnant

Great God, Mighty God, Wonderful God, Father of Mankind, Prince of Peace

Lord we are here to exalt your name every day and to beg you to have mercy on us and come take us out of this torment

May the Lord bless us with the blessing of being mothers, because this is our dream, Lord

We cry out to you, pour your healing over our heads and over the heads of our husbands, I ask that the Lord regulate our cycles, our ovulations, the sperm of our husbands, because everything the Lord has done is perfect and if you have any disease that get in the way of being mothers let it fall to earth now in the name of Jesus

In the name of Jesus I declare that all the women who pass through here will be healed and will be mothers of prophets, for we trust in your promises Lord who says: “There will be none that miscarry, nor barren in your land…” Ex 23 :26 may this promise extend over our lives to the honor and glory of his holy name.

Oh! Lord Jesus, come also teach us to wait in his time, come and deliver us from afflictions, doubts, tribulations, fears, discouragement, frustrations

Come bring peace to our hearts, tranquility that the Lord will do in His due time

Come teach us to have faith, hope in your promises, for the Lord is faithful and has never failed and this is the God we serve

It is this God that every day I pledge to exalt and serve forever and ever. Amen.

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