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Powerful Sympathy of Red Panties – Blog

If there’s one thing that makes us lose our reason, it’s love. This feeling almost always leaves us not knowing how to act or deal with certain situations. Often, to get what we want, we choose to bet on the powers of old superstitions. Whether to find love, rekindle the flame of a passion, become more irresistible or anything else. Want to have it all? meet the red panty sympathy and be surprised by the results that this ritual will provide you.

Sympathy of red panties to conquer your love

To perform this sympathy you will need the following material:

  • 1 new red panties – Attention it is necessary that the seam color is the same as the garment
  • A piece of fabric of the same color to make a bag
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • diaper pin
  • Line
  • Needle

Procedure: Write on the piece of paper: “Saint Judas Thaddeus, glorious apostle, faithful servant and friend of Jesus. Pray for me as I am desolate and in need of your help at this time. I beg you to help me win the heart of (name of suitor). Amen”.

Once that’s done, make a red bag (very small) and put the prayer inside. Then close it with the same color thread as the chosen underwear. Carry it hanging in your panties and when you get what you want so much, keep it in a drawer where no one moves.

Remember, powerful spells are meant to attract good things and positivity, and of course, that doesn’t include harming someone. Believe in the power of this ritual, but always keep in mind that things happen when they really should. It’s no use insisting on something that isn’t worth it or that won’t make you happy.

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Sympathy of red panties to leave a man at his feet

To perform this ritual you will basically need a red underwear and coffee. Well, let’s go: Wear your panties normally for a whole day and use them (without washing before) to pass your loved one’s coffee. After that, give him a cup, but don’t drink the coffee. Finally, throw your panties away and under no circumstances let anyone notice or suspect that you made this sympathy.

Red panties against sex envy

To perform this ritual you will need these materials:

  • red rose petals
  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 new red panties
  • 1 red candle

Procedure: Take all the ingredients, put them in a container and mix them. Let them rest overnight, and the next morning, light the candle and make your wish: “May the gods who protect our relationship keep the evil eye and intrigue out of our lives.” Then, wash your panties as usual, let them dry and store them in a hidden place (where only you can find them) for as long as you feel necessary.

Now that you’ve chosen the red panty sympathy according to what you want to conquer, enjoy and also read:

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