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Powerful Forgiveness Prayer – Forgive, Free Yourself and Be Happy!

Forgiveness is defined as a spiritual or mental process, which aims to end the feeling of anger or resentment towards someone or yourself. Sensation that likely came from a perceived offense, differences, mistakes, or failures. It is known that granting forgiveness to someone or yourself is very good, however, it is not an easy task! A good way to help yourself in this process is to make the prayer of forgivenesssurely it will minimize the difficulties that surround the search for forgiveness.

Why is it important to pray the prayer of forgiveness?

The act of forgiving is not for few! Yes, it’s something very difficult and unfortunately some people don’t understand such complexity. When feelings are involved, things that seem simple take on a much greater proportion. But the important thing is to do everything to get rid of this anguish and be happy. Here are some reasons to forgive:

  • Forgiving is good for us, your self-esteem will surely rise;
  • Whoever forgives is being merciful;
  • Forgiving frees us from bad feelings and allows us to move on;
  • To forgive is a commandment of God;
  • When we forgive those who have wronged us, God accepts our offerings.

But, we know how forgiving those who hurt us can be a very complicated task, so we’ve separated some forgiveness prayers so you can get rid of that frustration and find well-being again. Check it out below:

Powerful prayer to forgive

“My God, I forgive (name of person) for the harm he did to me and what he wanted to do to me, as I wish you would forgive me, and that he would also forgive me, the injustices that I may have committed. If you have placed him in my path as a test, let your will be done.

Turn away from me, my God, the idea of ​​cursing him, and all malevolent desire against him. Make sure that I do not experience any joy with the misfortunes that could come to him.
Nor any uneasiness with the goods that could be bestowed on him, in order not to muddy my soul with thoughts unworthy of an enlightened being. May your kindness, Lord, in reaching out to him, lead him to the best feelings towards me.

Good Spirits, inspire me to forget evil and remember good. May neither hatred, nor rancor, nor the desire to repay evil for evil enter my heart, because hatred and revenge only belong to evil spirits, incarnate and disembodied.

May I be ready, on the contrary, to extend a fraternal hand to you, to repay you for evil with good, and to come to your aid if that is in your power. I wish, to prove the sincerity of my words, that I may be offered the opportunity to be of use to you; but above all, my God, preserve me from doing it out of pride or ostentation, oppressing you with humiliating generosity, which would make me lose the fruit of my action, because then I would deserve to have these words of Christ applied to me: “ye have already received your reward.”

Prayer for forgiveness and peace

“Heavenly Father, ignite in me and my family the fire of Divine love.
Lead us to a deeper union with the Lord through forgiveness, open our eyes and give us new vision, help us to see the areas of my life that are darkened by unforgiveness.
Lord Jesus Christ, help me to be obedient, to forgive. Help me to love and forgive as You love and forgive: Unconditionally. Help me to change the tendency of my heart so that other people see Your peace reigning victoriously in me and desire this peace that comes only from You.
O sweet Holy Spirit, enlighten my body and my mind, my heart and my soul. Do not allow any area of ​​my being to remain in darkness. Reveal to me all the areas where there is unforgiveness, where there is bitterness, resentment, hatred and anger. Give me the strength and the desire to open myself to the gift and grace of forgiveness, to accept it and act on it.
All glory honor and praise to you, loving Father, now and for all eternity.
Amen! Hallelujah! Amen! ”

Strong prayer of forgiveness

“God, Father of love and kindness, who in His infinite mercy welcomes all those who approach You with a repentant heart, I accepted my request for forgiveness for so many faults committed against You and my brothers.
Lord Jesus Christ, Master of tenderness and love, who gave life back in fullness to so many men and women immersed in sin and walkers of darkness, lead me on the paths of forgiveness and strengthen my soul so that I have the humility to ask for forgiveness. and the mercy of knowing how to forgive.
Holy Spirit, Consoler of the soul, Advocate of the just and Paraclete of love, inspire in my heart gestures of kindness and tenderness, which may restore to anguished hearts the beauty of forgiveness and the graces of reconciliation.
Amen. ”

Chico Xavier’s Prayer for Forgiveness

“Lord Jesus!
Teach us to forgive, as you have forgiven us and forgive us, at every step of life.
Help us to understand that forgiveness is the power capable of extinguishing evil.
It induces us to recognize in our brothers and sisters that darkness makes children of God unhappy, as much as we do, and that it is our obligation to interpret them in the condition of sick people, in need of assistance and love.
Lord Jesus, whenever we feel like victims of someone’s attitudes, make us understand that we are also susceptible to mistakes and that, for this very reason, the faults of others could be ours.
Lord, we know what forgiveness of offenses is, but have mercy on us and teach us to practice it.
So be it! ”

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