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Post-Breast Cancer Tattoo: A fresh start is possible

Some diseases leave marks on life, memory and skin. But there are ways to regain confidence, self-esteem and love for the body: the post-breast cancer tattoo is one of them.

With great sensitivity, tattoo artists redesign female forms or make designs full of meaning, which mark a story of struggle and victory. Learn more about these tattoos and check out some photos that are pure inspiration.

The post-mastectomy tattoo

Post-breast cancer tattoos are usually done to disguise or reframe scars or the complete absence of breasts.

Before leaving for the tattoo studio, however, it is interesting to have the doctor’s approval and look for professionals who have experience in this type of tattoo.

The so-called paramedic tattoo, which is also known as micropigmentation, is a good choice for those who want to rebuild the appearance of the areola region. This one, however, is not permanent, and can be redone after a while.

15 post-breast cancer tattoo photos that are pure inspiration

1. Surgeries done to remove breast cancer leave scars

2. But they are also reminders of a victory

3. And they reinforce that the struggle for life continues

4. Tattoos in the region help to regain self-esteem

5. Flowers are among the most chosen designs

6. And they form beautiful tattoos

7. But several different designs are allowed

8. Some are true works of art

9. There is also the possibility of a reconstruction tattoo

10. Who redesigns body parts to perfection

11. A symbol that marks the end of a stage of treatments and surgeries

12. Rescue your beauty, the love you have for yourself!

13. Be a small tattoo

14. Or big

15. The important thing is to celebrate your body the way it is

Few things are as beautiful as a woman in love with herself!

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Learn more about tattoos performed after breast cancer surgery

Stories of new beginnings, projects that are pure sensitivity, attentive professionals… Check out in the videos below some reports, interviews and more information about the tattoos performed after the mastectomy.

1. Tattoo to redesign the breasts

In addition to tattoos with drawings, many women who have undergone tumor removal surgeries opt for tattoos that redraw their breasts. This is a work that the tattoo artist Janaina Piantino does. Play to check.

2. Tattoo for women who have had breast cancer

Check out exciting stories from the tattoo artist and a woman who turned to her art for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

3. Project “A tattoo for a better life”

Returning the self-esteem and confidence of women who have overcome breast cancer: this is the idea behind the project created by tattoo artist Miro Dantas. The professional makes realistic tattoos that reproduce the design of the nipple and areola. Learn more in the video.

Breast cancer affects thousands of women, but it is possible to emerge victorious from this fight. Get inspired by the stories of 10 celebrities who beat breast cancer.

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