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Portuguese cod: 14 recipes to taste and approve

Portuguese cod is a dish that has become a tradition at Easter lunches. As traditional as this recipe is, everyone has their own way of preparing it, but they all have one thing in common: they are delicious! Check out this selection of the best Portuguese-style cod recipes.

1. Simple Portuguese Cod

The preparation of this cod is very simple: just make layers with all the ingredients and drizzle with a lot of olive oil. There are a few tricks to make this cod even more spectacular. Want to learn step by step? Just click here.

2. Traditional Portuguese style cod

The number of processes for this recipe is a little higher, but every minute of preparation is worth it. Instead of just layering all the ingredients, you should cook, fry the potatoes and quickly wither the onion rings. Only after all this the dish goes in the oven. It looks amazing!

3. Portuguese cod with garlic sauce

Black olives are a very important ingredient in Portuguese cod, but nothing prevents you from using the traditional green. Pay attention to the amount of salt, as cod and olives are very salty. Another differential of this recipe is the garlic sauce, which gives a very special taste to the dish.

4. Portuguese style cod with a mix of seasonings

Oregano and bay leaf add a lot of flavor and aroma to any recipe. Here, you should use them to season the vegetables that accompany the cod, along with olive oil and vinegar. Now just assemble all the ingredients in layers and take it to the oven. Serve in a special lunch for the whole family!

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5. Portuguese style cod with tomato

The tomato added to this recipe will add more moisture to your cod, preventing it from drying out. In addition to this ingredient, the bacalhoada takes peppers, green and black olives, green smell and other components that guarantee the beauty and flavor of this dish.

6. Portuguese style cod with cherry tomatoes

Looking for something more refined? This is the ideal recipe, as it uses cherry tomatoes and Greek olives. To boil the cod, you must put garlic and bay leaf in the pan to flavor the fish. After assembling the dish, add cherry tomatoes to sweeten it up a bit and olives to garnish.

7. Portuguese style cod with thyme

Thyme is a slightly sweet spice, perfect to balance with the salt characteristic of cod. It will also help with the aroma, but the main responsible for this are vegetables drizzled with a lot of oil. This dish is really cool to serve to family and friends, they will love it!

8. Portuguese style cod without garlic

Most Portuguese cod recipes use garlic, but you don’t need to use it if you’re not a big fan of this ingredient. This video shows some tricks that will guarantee the success of your codfish, such as the right point of potatoes. Press play to check out all the tips!

9. Portuguese style cod without pepper

Do you know why potatoes always go on the bottom in codfish? This trick is used because they need to cook more so they don’t get tough. Green and yellow peppers are left out of this recipe, but it doesn’t lose flavor for that reason. It is worth checking out the preparation of this dish.

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10. Portuguese cod in the pot

Do you want to prepare your codfish directly on the stove? This recipe will show you how to assemble and cook Portuguese cod that doesn’t need to be baked. It gets juicier and also healthier, since it doesn’t need as much fat. Check out!

11. Moist Portuguese cod

The sauté of this cod is very wet, since the tomato practically falls apart along with the onion. You can finish with olives, parsley and boiled eggs. Prepare a white rice to serve with your cod and get ready to hear praise.

12. Gourmet Portuguese cod

In addition to being delicious, this recipe looks beautiful! Instead of using full-sized potatoes and onions, you should choose the mini version of these ingredients. They will make the dish more refined, but that’s not all: cooking tends to be faster, leaving potatoes and onions softer. Play the video because this recipe is so worth it!

13. Portuguese style cod with red sauce, corn and peas

Want to spice up your codfish? This recipe will show you how to prepare a dish with almost everything in your pantry. The red sauce underneath helps to add more juiciness and the corn, along with the peas, will bring even more color to your cod. Because it has more accessible ingredients, it is a great option to serve to a lot of people.

14. Portuguese style cod with coconut milk and sweet potato

The coconut milk in this recipe will give a Brazilian touch to your cod. Another differential is the use of sweet potato, which is healthier than the traditional one and still balances the salt in the cod. The tip is to serve it with white rice and a green salad. Unmissable!

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Which caught your attention the most? Choose your favorite, provide the ingredients and make a lunch that will stay in the memory and hearts of your guests. How about also preparing an Easter dessert for the meal to be even more complete?

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