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Pomba Gira Love Binding Spell

Pomba Gira is not an Orisha or an angel. The Lady is totally her own entity, a great Power, Strength and Presence. She is the Great Witch🔮

Watch this video now to learn how to work with Pomba Gira:

Pomba Gira is the personification of the Power hidden within all Women. Master of transformation, love, healing, divination. She is a warrior who loves to shed blood from her enemies.

Her Nature is born from the fire of the Earth 🔥 Pomba Gira represents freedom from oppression.

Working with her is inviting her attention, and you can be sure that she will ardently test those who enter her domain to determine whether it is worthwhile or not to invest her time in them. That’s why every Pomba Gira invocation carries offerings like perfume, cigars, and candles. 🕯️

To petition Pomba Gira, we typically use:

  • Perfumes,
  • Cigars,
  • Sweets,
  • Libations like rum, wine, cider
  • Rose petals.

Who is Pomba Gira?

Pomba Gira is one of the most esteemed spirits in love spellwork. She is known with many other names, as she changes shape, such as: Dama da Noite (Lady of the Night), Maria Molambo, Maria Padilha (Queen of the Marys).

Pomba Gira prayer
Who is Pomba Gira?

Before going into one of the most effective prayers and love binding spells, we will explain a little about who is Pomba Gira.

Pombajira, in Bantu mythology, is the guardian of the paths, crossroads, forks and communication. As a guardian of the communities, she always has an altar at the entrance. In some, there is an Exu House for her altars.

Her worship varies, with some houses considering her a deity and in others as an entity, who enters into a trance of possession in people who have not been consecrated to her by initiatic trances.


In Afro-Brazilian belief, She has the power to foster any loving and sexual union. She is said to consider her friends as those who seek her in need and please her. She is offered as gifts all sorts of red and black clothing fabrics, perfumes, jewelry, champagne and other beverages, cigarettes, cigars and cigarette holders, open red roses, sacrificial animals (particularly in the Candomblé tradition) and remains left at crossroads, cemeteries and other places, always lit by red, black and sometimes white candles.

❤️ Pomba Gira Love Spell (Step-by-Step)

The Lady is a feminine spirit, who represent femininity in its most sensual, festive aspect, lover of pleasures such as food, dance and joy to those who come to make a wish of love, making a pact with her.

These are the ingredients you will need to make a man come back.

Who is Pomba Gira
  • 2 red candles.
  • 1 black candle.
  • Rose petals.
  • Candies.
  • Your favorite perfume.
  • A cigar.
  • A glass of cider.
  • A piece of paper.

1. Place all the ingredients on the altar.

2. Start by spraying perfume on the altar

3. Light the candles.

4. Light the cigar, blow the smoke on the altar. Place the cigar on the altar.

5. Write on the paper the name of the man you want to bring back to your life.

6. Say a prayer to Pomba Gira.

Prayer to Pomba Gira for Love

“Pomba Gira, Beautiful woman who grants all favors. I leave this love request to your fate. Beautiful Lady, I invoke you to take care of my desires”.

7. Take 7 sips of the cider and meditate to see if you receive any signs. Be confident that she will help you in everything you asked.

Finally, Leave the ingredients on the altar for 7 days. Let the candles burn completely. Then throw everything in the trash or by a crossroads.

⚠️ What she gives us, Pomba Gira can take away fast. Remember to give thanks.

You can use this prayer to show your gratitude:

Pomba Gira Prayer for Gratitude

“Powerful Pomba Gira, assist me, expand me, protect me and grant me what I ask, do not forsake me, Dear Lady, I have a lot of Faith in You and I know that It Is So, It Will Be and So It Is Done Already! Thanks Pomba Gira For the Favors Awarded!”

Another Prayer for Love to Pomba Gira

“Pomba Gira, spirit of joy I need all your magic and your power to deflect the evil that has taken my love. So that I may dream of happiness, seduction and deflect the evil. Make the heart of my loved one be always besides me”

How to Make a Pomba Gira Bath

To make a powerful love bath, you will need:

  • 1 root of ginger.
  • 1 orange.
  • 1 red apple.
  • 1 red rose.
  • A few drops of your favorite perfume.
  • 2 quarts of water.
  • 3 red candles.
  • 1 red dish
Easy Love Bath Recipe
Easy Love Bath Recipe

1. Heat the water in a pot.

2. Once it’s boiling, stop the heat and add: ginger root, juice from the orange, and rose petals.

3. Let sit for 30 minutes while you prepare the bathtub. Then filter out the water into a jar.

4. Cut the apple in 4 pieces. Spray it with your favorite perfume. Place it in the bathroom with the candles forming a triangle and the apple in the center on a red dish

5. Light the candles and say the prayer to Pomba Gira.

6. Take a bath with warm water and pour the water from your neck down. Think about the man (or woman) you want to put a love spell on. ❤️

Best day of the week for this love bath: Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
Best time of the day: After sunset.
Best Moon phase: New Moon, or Waxing Moon.

Who is Maria Padilha?

Maria Padilha is one of the avatars of Pomba Gira, who has the ability to change bodies. In this aspect, She is the protector of prostitutes, she likes luxury and sex. She loves the Moon but hates the sun. Her clothes are usually red and black just like her necklaces and crown. Her songs are very cheerful and full of Magic and secrets. And wife of seven Exus, queen of cabarets and crossroads.

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