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Podcasts made by women: 10 empowered works to discover

Podcast is an audio program similar to radio, but it does not have a fixed schedule, it can be heard wherever and whenever you want. In this context, podcasts made by women have gained great prominence. Creating visibility for topics such as feminism, fatphobia, motherhood and even coffee, women podcasters rock different shows every day.

10 podcasts made by women who understand everything they say

How about venturing into the universe of podcasts with podcasts made by women? Check out 10 program suggestions below to start listening today!

1. Podcast Looks

Olhares Podcast is an openly feminist project that seeks to help us observe situations with different eyes. It’s time to change the stereotyped views of women and their relationships with the professional world, religion, motherhood, among other agendas.

2. Disappointed Podcast

Despautada is a hit for those who love pop culture! Approaching a little bit of everything, Fernanda Eggers manages to attract those interested in books, fiction films, series, RPG, documentaries and much more.

3. Nipples

What started as a hobby turned into a business. Today, Nipples is the second largest podcast in Brazil and has more than 230 episodes released. Defined as “Open Chest Journalism”, this podcast discusses topics such as economics, politics, behavior, education, science and health with guests on weekly programs.

4. Is It My Nutty?

Literally about Camila Fremder’s personal “noias”, É Nóia Minha? it’s about those mental trips that everyone has. Procrastination, love and insecurities are examples of the topics discussed with the guests.

5. Pilot Project

The podcast made by women Projeto Piloto is a delightful chat between content producers Lu Ferreira and Thais Farage. In it, they discuss fashion, beauty, motherhood, career and other issues of the female universe.

6. Schizophrenoias

Mental health is the great agenda of Schizophrenoias, a podcast led by Amanda Ramalho, which does social work by discussing issues not so comfortable for everyone. The podcast was nominated for an APCA award as the best of 2019.

7. Good morning, Obvious

After listening to Bom Dia, Obvious, you’ll probably want to become best friends with podcaster Marcela Ceribelli. With a relaxed language and many necessary reflections of the woman’s daily life, Bom Dia, Obvious manages to successfully entertain viewers in episodes of about an hour.

8. Tea with Rapadura

Five women moved from Ceará to England and decided to share their adventures with the world. The creative name of the podcast comes precisely from the union of origin with the new country of the girls: rapadura from Ceará and traditional English tea.

9. Coffee

Coffea stands out for two reasons: it is the first podcast in the coffee market and also the first bilingual podcast in the world. In addition, it fits in the list of podcasts made by women, being the work of columnist Kelly Stein. Grab a cup of coffee and play!

10. Gordacast

In order to break patterns, journalist Thamiris Rezende created Gordacast. In it, she invites people to discuss topics from the universe of fat people, who do not feel they are representatives of the labels imposed by society. It’s time to deconstruct!

In this list you found 10 podcasts made by women that represent only a small part of all the content that is available. The female presence in the world of audio production can only grow.

Other podcasts featuring women

The female role is strong not only in podcasts made by women, but also in some that have a male presence. In these works, it is possible to see more varied points of view and interesting discussions. The Café da Manhã da Folha, for example, is presented by journalists Rodrigo Vizeu and Magê Flores and brings daily subjects such as politics and economics.

Produced by Papel Pop, the program Um Milkshake Chamado Wanda is presented by two men and a woman, in addition to having several special guests to talk about pop culture. Filhos da Gravida de Taubaté also enters the list with day-to-day topics that are highlighted on the internet and in other media environments.

It doesn’t matter if it’s to listen alone, with friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, family, there’s a podcast for everyone! Now, what do you think about taking the opportunity to discover more works produced by women? Start with books every woman should read!

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