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Plus size lingerie: tips for choosing the perfect piece

Plus size lingerie has democratized intimate fashion, after all, every woman deserves to feel beautiful and sensual, regardless of her body. Loving her body and investing in products that can contribute to raising her self-esteem is a way to break standards.

That’s why we’ve prepared a post full of tips to help you choose the perfect pieces and feel incredibly sexy and happy!

40 plus size lingerie models that will make you even more beautiful

First, you need to know your body to choose the underwear. But to help you choose the ideal lingerie, we have selected 40 wonderful models of plus size lingerie. There are several models that will enhance your curves.

1. To start with the inspirations, nothing better than that basic lingerie

2. The basic little black dress for everyday life

3. Who said beige lingerie can’t be sexy?

4. Plus size lingerie with lace: a classic

5. The color of passion: red lingerie to sensualize

6. For those looking for more support for their breasts, padded bras are perfect

7. Wider panties on the side can avoid marks and even bruises

8. Plus size lingerie models in transparency are on the rise

9. This transparency on a bodysuit is amazing

10. By the way, body plus size is taking over intimate fashion

11. And it can appear in various models

12. The plus size body is simply amazing

13. Another option is the plus size corset

14. Corsets are perfect

15. And they can be used as costumes

16. Plus size sweaters are too beautiful, aren’t they?

17. Nothing better than the comfort that a plus size baby doll can offer

18. The cirré crop top to make the body even more amazing

19. To ensure greater comfort, opt for bras with wider clasps

20. You can also opt for lighter tops

21. Tops bring a special charm

22. The counter style gets an up with the stripes

23. You can use lingerie as an item of clothing to enjoy the rides

24. Blue is a wonderful color and looks perfect in plus size lingerie

25. This purple plus size lingerie model makes you even more sensual

26. Garter belt lingerie will make you powerful

27. Delicate colors

28. Bold colors

29. And rock your plus size lingerie

30. No matter which color you choose

31. Or model

32. The important thing is to respect your body and love it

33. And knowing that you can do anything

34. Mostly feeling wonderful

So, you can choose lingerie that matches your style and makes you feel comfortable. Those are the only rules, after all, you are amazing!

How to choose the perfect plus size lingerie

Although there are no rules, some tips can help you choose the perfect lingerie that will make you feel at ease and comfortable.

Opt for flared panties on the side

Choosing baggy panties on the side can help you avoid marks, as we mentioned, and even skin bruises. Thin panties can bring more discomfort.

Strapless bras can help

While they don’t offer much support, strapless bras are more comfortable if straps are an issue for you. As they do not have handles, they help to avoid back pain and discomfort.

Choose the right size for you

Many women end up choosing smaller sizes, but the important thing is that you choose the right size for you. Learning to respect and love your body is a process that requires self-knowledge and self-care.

opt for support

For larger breasts, the ideal is to bet on support. Bras with wide straps can be perfect to make you feel more comfortable and secure.

Choose lingerie that matches your personality

It’s no use copying fashion if you don’t feel good. The tip is: choose a piece that matches your style and that will make you feel happy!

With these tips, it will be easier to choose the right plus size lingerie for you. The important thing is to know your body and know what suits your style best.

How plus size bloggers choose lingerie

The Internet has brought us wonderful inspirations in the fashion world and plus size fashion could not be different. To illustrate, we chose some videos from influencers who tell a little about the choice of plus size lingerie.

A lingerie for every occasion

In the video, Thais Carla shows 4 lingerie models and a sweater. She chooses more sensual models and some more versatile to be used as cropped and much more. Thais chooses lingerie based on comfort and self-esteem, she chooses what makes her feel good.

All about plus size lingerie

Although plus size fashion has gained space, there are still many doubts about the choice of pieces. Therefore, Ana explains in a video how she chooses her underwear. She tells her stories and experiences, as well as showing the models she likes to use the most.

5 plus size lingerie models

To exemplify the choice of lingerie and which models are most comfortable for plus size, the video brings 5 ​​different models of underwear. The video is very useful to help you choose the ideal size and type of panties and bras.

Thus, the videos that tell the influencers’ experience in relation to the choice of lingerie is a great help for you.

Loving your body is a revolution. You can use whatever you want, however you want and be very happy. As we have seen, plus size lingerie can be an ally when you feel more beautiful and sensual.

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