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Platinum locks: inspirations and tutorials that are with everything

Platinum locks have gained more and more space in beauty salons and made women’s heads. In addition to the technique being quite popular, it leaves the hair amazing. For you to be inspired and rock when making your locks, we prepared a complete post with tips, photos and hair care. Chat with us!

50 photos of platinum locks that will convince you to adopt the look

If you already want to make platinum locks in your hair, these inspirations that we have selected will make you even more in love with the technique.

1. Platinum locks make you even more powerful

2. The technique requires a lot of care, but the result is jaw-dropping

3. Platinum highlights on short hair are amazing

4. More platinum highlights in short hair, this time curly

5. Look how amazing this medium hair technique is

6. You can opt for the smoky root to disguise the beginning of the locks

7. The platinum locks in brown hair are perfect, as the tones complement each other

8. Is it a grace or not?

9. Platinum highlights on black hair also work very well

10. And they can be perfect

11. The platinum black locks are also splendid

12. Another amazing style of platinum locks for black skin

13. This inspiration of locks in wavy hair is to fall in love with

14. Another breathtaking inspiration!

15. No matter the cut

16. Platinum locks adapt to various styles

17. And with bangs, can you?

18. Yes! It’s perfect

19. The platinum tones mixed with the golden tones give a very different look to the locks

20. You can dare the platinum locks with some colored locks

21. You can’t help but fall in love with this color

22. The platinum locks give another face to hairstyles

23. Look how it gets even more amazing for brides

24. Long hair with platinum highlights looks great

25. The truth is, they match all lengths

26. Look at the perfection of these locks

27. Platinum blonde goes perfectly with black looks

28. The perfection of the details in the locks

29. The front of the hair can be brighter

30. Perfection in the shape of hair!

31. Asian women can also bet on this shade of locks

32. The platinum tone is just wonderful

33. What counts is feeling beautiful

34. Hydrated and well-groomed strands make the locks even more beautiful

35. To achieve the ideal tone, hair needs to be healthy

36. The locks can be at the ends

37. Or take all the hair

38. You choose!

39. One more amazing hair to save in the inspiration folder

40. And make your dream platinum

41. There’s no way not to surrender to this blonde

42. Feels good, doesn’t it?

43. Are you already convinced to adopt platinum?

44. Platinum locks are a great option to renew your look

45. After all, it’s always good to change

46. ​​Be with a very different style

47. Or with the more traditional locks

48. The platinum locks are to make you drool

49. What matters is keeping your style

50. And feel amazing!

With these wonderful inspirations, you will be able to choose the style that has the most to do with you and change the look by betting on platinum tones.

How to make platinum locks step by step

Despite being a popular choice, platinum locks require technique when making and several specific care. We have selected some tutorials for you to learn how to make your platinum locks, check them out:

Platinum locks on the cap

In the video, you will learn how to make platinum highlights on the cap. The video quickly teaches how to perform this technique without damaging the hair.

Platinum locks in dark root

To illustrate, we chose this tutorial that brings platinum highlights in hair with dark roots. It’s a difficult technique, but it works really well and looks amazing.

Platinum strands in aluminum foil

In summary, the technique used in this video is the aluminum foil technique. You will learn how to bring platinum tone to your hair in a healthy way.

With these tutorials, you learn how to make highlights on yourself or anyone else. But remember that it is essential for a good result to be healthy and well taken care of.

How to care for platinum locks: 7 golden tips

To keep your hair healthy, you need to adopt some special care and follow a beauty routine. After all, every discoloration requires more attention. Here are some secrets:

  • Keep your hair always hydrated: platinum requires the hair to be even more hydrated. Try to moisturize at least once a week. Use oils, such as argan, to enhance your masks.
  • The matizing shampoo is a great ally: some situations, such as exposure to the sun and use of the flat iron, can contribute to the color change of the locks. Therefore, you should invest in a quality platinum tinting shampoo to maintain color.
  • Rebuild the wires: after the chemistry, the wires need reconstruction. It will return the proteins lost in the discoloration process and make the wires more beautiful.
  • Keep your hair cut: Another special care is to keep your hair cut to avoid the appearance of split ends and allow the strands to grow healthy.
  • No washing your hair every day: washing your hair daily can make the strands drier. Bet on dry shampoos if your hair is very oily.
  • Avoid flat iron and dryer: excessive heat can damage the sensitivity of the wires. If you’re going to use a flat iron or hairdryer, look for a product that helps reduce damage, such as thermal protection creams.
  • Avoid getting your hair wet in the pool: the chlorine in the pool can change the tone of your hair platinum and leave it greenish or even yellowish.
  • Following these tips, your hair will be healthier and your platinum perfect for much longer, preventing color wear.

    In short, platinum locks are amazing, but they do require some care. They are on the rise and are perfect for radically renewing the look. Learn more about the universe of blonde locks so you’re not afraid to jump into this style change!

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