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Platinum highlights: 65 inspirations for all hair types

Platinum highlights hair has been a trend for a long time. It matches all types of hair, from straight to curly. To discolor without damaging, it is important to do the procedure with someone who understands the subject, that is, a hairdresser you trust! Also, your hair should be very healthy and you will need to moisturize periodically to keep it that way.

Did you feel like having highlights with platinum highlights? Check out the selection of photos below, for you to be inspired and bleach your hair in the best way!

Platinum highlights on short hair

Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean you can’t rock platinum highlights. They light up and transform the look, leaving the short less basic. One of the most used types is ombré lights, which create a more natural look.

1. Dark hair with platinum highlights has a more evident contrast

2. The shorts are already modern and look even more with the bleached strands

3. You can opt for a cool cut

4. It is also nice to make a gradient of tones until reaching the lightest

5. Undercut hair is all about platinum highlights

6. The more discolored threads, the greater care must be taken to keep them healthy

7. The pixie cut comes back revamped with platinum highlights

8. Chanel also gains a more modern look with bleached threads

9. Curls are all about platinum

10. If you want to be even more cool, bet on a fringe

11. With the straight cut, the lights look amazing

12. Platinum causes a radiant effect on hair

13. The ideal is to do a hair reconstruction after the highlights

Shorts will look even more stylish with platinum highlights. Don’t forget the care and knock it out!

Platinum highlights on long hair

For those with long hair who like blonde, platinum highlights are often a favorite. Long hairs tend to have drier ends, so care with hydration should be even greater.

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14. In platinum long hair, the greatest care should be on the ends

15. Especially if you use a curling iron and flat iron

16. The heat ends up drying out the wires that already tend to be more fragile

17. But if you maintain a care routine, your hair will be shiny and hydrated

18. You can use vegetable oils to restore lipids to the hair

19. The process is called wetting

20. For those who want a lighter result, it’s cool to blend the lights from the root

21. For those who want a greater contrast, you can lighten it further down

22. Another interesting option is to use different shades of platinum, causing a more natural effect

23. Through tinting, you achieve the desired tone

24. Platinum highlights go great with wavy hair

25. Creating a beach hair look

Longs are all about platinum highlights! Don’t forget that the ends tend to get drier and moisturize often.

Platinum highlights on curly and frizzy hair

In curly and curly, platinum lights require specific care. Therefore, it is interesting to do the procedure with a professional who already knows your wires well and knows what are the best products to recover them from discoloration.

26. Curly curls look amazing with platinum highlights

27. This type of hair needs special hydration to stay healthy

28. Platinum in black women is super highlighted and amazing

29. The frequency of platinum retouching varies depending on the type of lights

30. If you do it from scratch, you will have to paint more often to keep

31. But if you don’t mind, the darker root can increase as the hair grows

32. The effect is very beautiful and natural

33. The lighter ends give a sunburned look

34. The finer the locks, the more subtle the platinum effect

35. If you want a more greyish tone, just use a toning cream

36. Coconut oil is great for fighting the dryness of discolored curls

37. The ideal is always to use specific products for platinum hair

Curly and curly can platinum the wires without fear! Just do the bleaching with good products and continue treating the hair with a good hair schedule.

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Platinum highlights on straight hair

Platinum highlights give more life to straight strands. If the straight is natural, care is normal for bleached hair. But if you usually straighten with a flat iron or brush, it is important to redouble care so that your wires remain healthy. And whenever possible, avoid the dryer and flat iron, so your hair will suffer less damage.

38. The smooth ones also look amazing with the platinum lights

39. For those who straighten with a flat iron, it is important to moisturize the hair frequently

40. The gradient smooths are also a hit with the lights

41. Those who are starting to get gray hairs can take advantage of the trend and lighten everything

42. A tip to keep your hair healthy is to replace the conditioner with a treatment mask

43. Another interesting treatment is capillary cauterization

44. Those who want to brighten their face, without bleaching everything, can bet on the highlights on the fringe

45. If you decide to go platinum, start hydrating even before bleaching

46. ​​Hair with platinum highlights also looks great in hairstyles

47. The lights up the look

48. Avoid washing your hair every day, as natural oil is necessary for the strands

49. If you use a flat iron, curling iron or hairdryer, it is essential to use a thermal protector

50. Another tip is to retouch the lights with the same professional, because he will know which product to use

Platinum highlights on black hair

Those who like to dare with more contrast can do platinum highlights on dark hair. You can create several cool looks, with thin or wider locks, depending on your preference. The hippest ones can even bet on a Cruella De Vil look.

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51. Platinum highlights on dark hair have a super highlight

52. They can be made in just a few strands

53. Or almost all hair

54. Another option is to light from shoulder height, creating a silvery effect

55. For those who want to change without bleaching too much, plating the ends is a good option

56. Another alternative is to create a light gradient

57. The longer the hair, the more visible the gradient effect

58. Who likes a bigger contrast, can start the highlights a few fingers below the root

59. Or mark well the strands that are discolored

60. Platinum-gray highlights look amazing on dark hair

61. A very cool option is to bleach locks that are underneath and only show up with a few hairstyles

62. It is important to remember that the platinum part must receive a more intense treatment

63. Keeping a good hair schedule, your platinum strands will always be beautiful and healthy

64. Movement is the greatest ally of the lights

65. Ready to bet on the platinum lights?

This type of bleaching is one of the most beautiful, but it can also be a little risky if you don’t do it with a good professional, as the hair can look very marked, which not everyone likes. So do a lot of research before deciding where to go.

So, have you convinced yourself to do the platinum highlights in your hair? The bleached strands have a very bold and modern look. But if you don’t want to go all out, try lighting just a few strands. And don’t forget to tint the highlights, correcting the tone, so you don’t have yellow hair.

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