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Pink ombré hair: 50 inspirations and tutorials to adopt a stylish look

Are you thinking about betting on a new look, full of style? How about a pink ombré hair? The technique leaves the colored strands with a subtle transition and the color stays mostly on the ends. Check out 50 photos to get inspired to adopt this hair and tutorials on how to dye it yourself!

50 pink ombré hair photos to bet on color

Do you prefer hot pink or are you a fan of a pastel shade? Check out 50 photos of pink ombré hair in different types of strands and fall in love with this look!

1. Pink ombré hair is a stylish look

2. Strong color highlights any look

3. The technique gives movement to straight hair

4. Goes great with wavy hairs

5. And the pink ombré hair on curly hair is stunning

6. This is an inspiration for those who have long locks

7. And the tone takes any hair out of the basics

8. In medium length, it is versatile

9. You can enjoy the style and bet now on a long bob cut!

10. The short pink ombré hair is stylish

11. And you can do it in the Chanel style

12. Or in the very short

13. And there are countless shades of pink to choose from

14. It can be a dark pink, reddish and discreet ombré hair

15. A bubblegum, all fashion

16. Pulled into the purple tone…

17. Rosé gold is a trend

18. The tone is a mixture of pink with golden threads

19. And the pastel pink ombré hair is a hit among the youngest

20. It’s a light and stylish tone

21. One of the advantages of pink ombré hair is the fact that the root remains dark

22. And it’s you who decides where the pink will start

23. It may only be on the extreme ends

24. Or start higher up, highlighting the color

25. For the short ones, this is a bombastic inspiration

26. You can choose a transition with lights

27. They prevent the hair from being marked

28. And make the pink ombré hair more subtle

29. Or, how about betting on a gradient of tones?

30. You can go from the darkest pink to the baby pink ombré hair

31. Who can resist hair like this?

32. And pink matches all natural shades

33. You can do it on black hair, creating contrast

34. Or on blonde strands, resulting in a cool effect

35. And in redheads it looks original and charming

36. If you have curly hair, you will fall in love with the next pictures

37. You can leave the pink only for the ends region

38. Or enhance all curls with a new color

39. Pastel pink ombré hair on short hair is a delicate inspiration

40. There is no shortage of options for the youngest

41. And it’s a stylish bet for mature women

42. For a subtle change, get inspired by this look

43. And for a complete makeover, how about a pink ombré hair like this one?

44. Pink can blend in with the tone of your hair

45. Or, stand out, with vibrant coloring

46. ​​Even colorful, the look matches the discreet

47. And with fashionistas too

48. To adopt the pink ombré hair…

49. Just choose the shade

50. And rock without fear of daring!

If you want a very colorful look, bet on the gradient of shades of pink. Now, if you just want to change it up a little, the tip is to invest in the pink tips or the transition with highlights.

How to do pink ombré hair

To make the ombré hair, it is not necessary to do a global discoloration and, therefore, it is possible to do the procedure at home. See the tutorials on how you can do it yourself without your hair being marked.

Pink ombré hair: complete step by step

In this video, we follow the complete tutorial, from bleaching to finishing, on how to make a colored ombré hair by yourself. In the coloring step, you can add a little gentian violet to achieve the desired shade.

Tutorial: pink ombré hair without marking

This step-by-step guide shows us the tips on how to discolor and apply the pink paint without it being marked. In addition to coloring, you will need bleaching powder, hydrogen peroxide and a fine-tooth comb.

Pink ombré hair: how to use the toner

In this video, we follow the process of toning the wires. To make the paint more effective, you can mix it with a white cream. Remember that these colors do not have a bleaching action. So, the pink appears only on the light strands.

Pastel pink ombré hair: how to do it

Now, if you want a pastel pink shade but don’t know which paint to use, be sure to watch this video! Remembering that the light shade will only adhere to hair with a tone 10 (very light).

To make sure the coloring will stick to your hair, it’s important to do a strand test and follow the product’s instructions. Are you going to bet on the look and want to do everything at home? Also check out a list of the best pink toners to buy.

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