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Pineapple ice cream: 10 recipes as good as grandma’s dessert

Pineapple ice cream is a traditional dessert very dear to Brazilian grandmothers. No wonder: this sweet pleases the whole family. In addition, it’s very simple to make – even those who don’t know how to cook can try it at home.

Check out this delicious selection of 10 pineapple ice cream recipes that will make your life even sweeter:

1. Simple pineapple ice cream

How about starting with a recipe that tastes like childhood and will make your life even sweeter? In addition to being delicious, it is also very simple to prepare. You will only need chopped pineapple without the core, water, sugar, pineapple gelatin and sour cream. Check step by step.

2. Pineapple and coconut milk ice cream

This recipe will make your heart beat faster. The ingredients are: chopped pineapple, condensed milk, cream, pineapple gelatin, water and sugar. And, to give the final touch that makes all the difference, also add coconut milk. Indescribable flavor!

3. Pineapple ice cream with snow whites

Looking for a dessert recipe for your next family lunch? This can be a great option, after all, this delicious pineapple ice cream with snow whites will conquer everyone’s palate. Check out all the recipe tips and be sure to try it at home!

4. Pineapple ice cream with natural yogurt

Quick, delicious and very simple to make: this dessert is perfect for every day. You will need cubed pineapple, condensed milk, heavy cream, plain yogurt and pineapple juice powder. Just take a look at the recipe!

5. Pineapple ice cream in the pressure cooker

Here, the ingredients are very similar to the other options, but the difference is in the way of making it: you will use the pressure cooker. Very practical, very fast and without many secrets. Check out the full step by step.

6. Pineapple ice cream with gelatin

To make pineapple ice cream firmer and more delicious, using gelatin is essential. So here, you will use 2 boxes of the ingredient. In addition, in the recipe you will check out several tips to make your dessert even better.

7. Vegan pineapple ice cream

To prepare this vegan ice cream you will need: cubed pearl pineapple, water, granulated sugar, agar-agar and coconut (or soy) milk. Remember to leave the candy in the fridge for at least two hours to make it even tastier.

8. Pineapple ice cream on the platter

This option is perfect for Sunday lunches and promises to serve the whole family! The ingredients are the same as in the traditional recipe, but here you will prepare the candy on a platter. Make no mistake: everyone will love it!

9. Heart-shaped pineapple ice cream

Lovers will love this recipe. To make it look like this, use a heart-shaped silicone mold – or any other design you prefer. Store the candy in the fridge for about 4 hours and then just taste!

10. Pineapple Coconut Ice Cream

The combination of flavors made with pineapple and coconut deserves a special dessert. In addition to taking few ingredients, this recipe is also simple to make and even those who do not have a mastery in the kitchen can venture out. It is mouthwatering!

See how easy it is to prepare an amazing candy without much effort? Also check out a selection of other easy desserts perfect for those who have a busy day.

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