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Piercing: an art that asks for care

Piercings have long since lost the stigma of rebellion, which made people not even dare to put them on. Today, they have become just another way to differentiate themselves, they have become a real gem. But the fact that they have become almost a banal prop doesn’t mean that they deserve less care or less effort when it comes to finding a respected studio to do it. Also, piercing involves healing and those who are prone to keloids may not do well with this one. So check out the following tips to get pierced without putting your health at risk.

Can anyone get a piercing?

Younger people under the age of 18 can only get a piercing if they have a parent or guardian authorization – and this is a requirement of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa). Body piercers, the people who apply, must respect this, some even require the presence of parents in the studio.

This is the only legal requirement. Now, you have to respect your healing. If there is any difficulty in this regard, make an appointment with your dermatologist to expose your doubts and find out if your body will better accept this procedure.

How to choose a good studio?

This involves a bit of research. Exchange ideas with those who know the establishment, with those who have had a piercing at the place and obviously with the owner himself.

Be careful and choose a place that is safe and hygienic, with Anvisa seal (take a look at the walls, the certification needs to be evident, otherwise ask about it), it is more than basic to have a great degree of cleanliness and sterilization , so that the risks of diseases and contamination are eliminated.

The quality, safety and efficiency of the service also count, it is necessary for you to trust the body piercer, who must answer all your questions patiently and also give you care tips. The price is secondary, after all, the complications caused by a misplaced piercing are terrible.

The choice of jewelry

It’s also not worth saving at this time. The most suitable materials are surgical steel, titanium and white gold, as they offer less chance of bringing infections. And a tip: always be wary of prices far below the market.

After doing…

At this point, good healing depends exclusively on you. So pay attention to what you need:

  • The pain, bleeding, and discharge should have subsided well or gone completely after a week. If not, return after a week to the location to talk to the body piercer.
  • Food needs to be much more regulated. It is necessary to avoid foods with excess fat, especially pork and eggs, for a month, as they can make healing difficult. Chocolates, whipped cream, dulce de leche also ask for moderation.
  • Sanitizing the part and the perforated place is super important. Clean the jewelry with soap and water, as well as the pierced location. You can do this while showering.
  • It is necessary to apply antiseptic spray on the site, but the recommended number of times depends on the piercing site and the type of medication. In that case, also go to your dermatologist, not just the professional who pierced you.
  • Sunbathing, swimming in the pool and the sea are other activities prohibited for a month or two, as you become an easier target for infections.
  • Don’t fiddle around with the piercing too much. If your hand is just a little dirty, it can lead to an infection.

the keloid factor

The keloid is not something very easy to control, as the genetic factor comes into play (observe the healing of close relatives before piercing). The fact is that cleaning and eating helps to heal, which, in turn, reduces the risk of keloids. If you notice a swelling or a lump at the puncture site, see your doctor right away.

After a month – and forever

You should keep washing your piercing at least once a day, so you don’t accumulate dirt or dead cells. You have to wait at least two months to change the jewelry and, in this first change, it is worth asking the professional who placed it for help, ok? This is because the region will still be sensitized.

Always remember…

That the skin is our biggest defense organ. When we pierce this barrier through a piercing, we are exposing our insides to germs that cause disease or infection, that’s why it’s so important to find reputable professionals to do the piercing. Your skin is sacred, it always deserves the best professionals.

Tattoos are serious business too

Like piercings, tattoos also require specific care and caution when choosing a professional. Dedication and discipline guarantee a beautiful tattoo for longer and healthy skin, free from the possible risks that the technique involves.

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Dermatologist with specialization in Aesthetic Medicine, graduated in Medicine from the University of Alfenas/MG. Affiliated to the Brazilian Academy of Dermatology and the American Academy of Dermatology, she constantly participates in national and international courses and congresses on dermatology.

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