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Phalanx ring: get inspired by photos and tips for adopting the accessory

The phalanx ring fever really started when Chanel – which has that undeniable Midas touch, transforming every piece it puts on the catwalk into a desired item – decided to rescue the accessory in one of its presentations.

The item, right away, caught the attention of fashionistas on duty, since in addition to being used in different ways – several in the same hand, three in just one finger and a series of different combinations – it also appeared in a very different place. unusual: on the joints!

This type of accessory had already been fashionable in the early 90s, but like so many other trends that years later reappear even stronger, the phalanx ring returned sovereign to the streets, conquering the hearts – and the little hands – of all women. .

Outside, actresses Kristen Stewart and Vanessa Hudgens quickly surrendered to the new craze and, here in Brazil, soap opera characters, singers, actresses and models – Sandy, Isis Valverde and Gisele Bündchen are some of the big names that make up this list. – soon also appeared using the accessory.

But it wasn’t just them! Sandy, Isis Valverde, Gisele Bündchen and a huge list of actresses, models and singers readily adopted this new look.

How to use the phalanx ring?

For those who want to adopt the phalanx ring as an accessory, Image and Style consultant Maria Izabel Morais, from Deluxe Consultoria, has some valuable tips. “The phalanx ring should be a little smaller than the normal size of the conventional ring, to be used on the top of the joints. It gets its name exactly because it fits into the phalanx”, says the consultant. So forget about perfectly fitted rings! Phalanx ones are smaller, thinner, and are used closer to the joints.

But, in addition, there is still another very recurring question when it comes to these accessories: use several at the same time, yes or no? “Not only is it possible, it looks beautiful! They are usually more delicate rings (not to disturb the movement of the fingers), so they easily coordinate with different outfits and other accessories”, says Izabel.

Matching the Ring to the Occasion

We already know that these rings are usually thinner and more discreet, but is it really possible to use them in any situation? According to specialist Isabel, yes. “What will vary is the material or style of the ring; that is what will determine the occasion.” Therefore, as there are different types of materials and formats for these accessories (gold, white gold, silver, rhinestones, stones, designs, stainless steel, etc.) .

What’s on the rise?

The consultant made a short list of the types of phalanx rings that are booming here and abroad: rivieras wedding rings, cross, bows and skulls.

Different materials and styles: choose yours!

Here you will find several models of phalanx rings, from the most serious to the coolest. And best of all: they fit in every pocket!

Basic gold phalanx ring for R$19.90 at

Bloggers adopted too!

See which models of phalanx rings national and international bloggers use and get inspired by the combinations they created with other rings!

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