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Peplum blouse: get inspired by 30 look ideas to rock

The peplum blouse allows you to create looks from the most casual to the most social and can add an extra charm to your look. If you still don’t know how to use the piece, stay tuned for these inspirations that will make you fall in love! Check out:

1. Match the peplum blouse with your best pants

2. Work on color diversity

3. And why not a monochromatic look?

4. Invest in prints and jeans for a casual look

5. For a leisurely day, the peplum blouse goes great with shorts.

6. But you can count on a comfortable option for work

7. Work on the diversity of styles

8. Some may be more modern

9. And others, fun and casual

10. Count on the classic black

11. Which might not be that classic

12. The important thing is to feel stylish and comfortable

13. Surrender to the romanticism of lace

14. Or create a different look with her

15. If you love glitter, bet without fear

16. Or do you prefer something more neutral?

17. Work on the diversity of styles and colors

18. As in this unusual piece

19. White allows many options

20. And warm colors are the face of summer

21. Just like the gypsy model

22. How about a little outfit?

23. Bet on leather and be successful

24. With a skirt, you’re ready for a party

25. What do you think of an elegant look for an important event?

26. Use creativity to vary colors, models and prints

27. Regardless of your style, the peplum blouse can’t go wrong

28. She’s a great choice for countless occasions

29. Find your style

30. And rock this trend

Now that you know how to match the peplum blouse, use and abuse your creativity and give your touch to the looks with this amazing piece. If you want to see more about makeup looks, take a look at these puff sleeve inspirations to stay on top of fashion!

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