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People who are on the verge of a major nervous breakdown

Has your day gone wrong and you’re about to explode? Do you think anyone could have had a worse day than you? Believe me, there are many people who are in a worse situation.

O awesome.club compiled photos of those who have every right to have a nervous breakdown after what they’ve been through. And let’s not even judge them for it.

The attempt to enter the house went wrong

“Incredible. Now I must bend down to get the back pain medicine”

And how was today??

Well, at least iron now has style

“That’s how I enjoyed Metallica’s concert in the hall for people with disabilities. That’s why I traveled 7 hours to another city!”

Someone really needed that toilet paper

You said it went wrong today?

We hope she’s gone before the girl wakes up.

Well, at least the jacket will spoil less than the pants

It was your birthday muffins

just today

“Today is the day we’re going to use the stairs.”

When an Italian man bought a car and it decided not to run, his nerves snapped.

This is what a very nervous customer left the waiter

It looks like they tried to open it with their teeth.

Someone will have a tense day

“I prepared some Brownies and let it cool, this is what I found half an hour later”

“I just received a Valentine’s Day gift”

“I spent many hours on this puzzle and here is the result!”

“But I did exactly as instructed!”

“I’m married with small children. I rarely play video games on the PC. Two weeks ago my wife got me a new game and at night I decided to play a little”

“Downloading updates… Version 1.10
1,742 GB / 15,444 GB (5 hours to go)”.

“My wife is tired of the clutter in the house”

“The monument to the fallen paper towel roll, or the new rolls are low, but crouching is too tricky!”

“Just took this to class”

When a seagull steals your food but you decide you’re going to get revenge

When you hate loud volume

The car says, “Turn the volume down.”

The neighbor lost his temper

“If I find out which dog pooped in my backyard, I’ll personally do it once a week on your doorstep as long as you live here.”

“My friend works in the cleaning service at this store…”

Turns out it’s not just kittens that do this.

It sure was a tough day.

This is also serious

Tell us in the comments what things make you nervous.

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