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Peeling skin: see the causes and solutions to treat the dermis

Do you have peeling skin and don’t know what to do to treat, let alone the cause? See what can cause flaking and treatment recommendations. Take your doubts with the information of a dermatologist and check out homemade recipes to relieve the dermis.

What causes skin peeling?

According to dermatologist Renata Marques (CRM/RJ 52814717), the main causes of peeling skin are:

  • Dryness: if the skin is not properly hydrated, it tends to peel. The dermis is even more vulnerable on cold days, when the skin is dry.
  • Improper use of products: using abrasive or very dry soaps can cause peeling. The use of acids – in case of peeling, for example – also causes the skin to peel.
  • Burns: either after being exposed to the sun or after very hot baths, the skin becomes sensitive and can flake off.
  • Chronic Illness: Some illnesses, such as psoriasis, contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, keratosis pilaris, lupus erythematosus, and hypothyroidism, can cause the skin to peel.

Despite these possibilities, it is difficult to know the real cause of peeling in each case. Therefore, the indication is always to consult a health professional.

What to do when the skin is peeling?

Check out tips from dermatologist Renata Marques on what to do (and what not to do) when your skin is peeling:

1. Hydrate the dermis

It is essential to keep the skin hydrated. But be careful: it is necessary to use hypoallergenic and moisturizing products that recover the skin barrier.

2. Avoid extreme temperatures

If your skin is peeling, avoid taking very hot showers and exposing your skin to the sun. The dermatologist warns that extreme cold can also cause the dermis to peel.

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3. Do not use some products

As the dermis will be sensitive, it is not recommended to use abrasive soaps, nor loofahs and, much less, acids for the skin.

4. Stay hydrated

In addition to keeping your skin hydrated with cosmetics, it is important that your entire body is also hydrated. For this, the recommendation is to drink 2 liters of water daily.

5. Enhance the treatment of feet and hands

If the skin on your hands or feet is peeling, the tip, according to the specialist, is “to use powerful moisturizing creams, covering the area with plastic wrap to increase the absorption of the cream by the dermis”.

Did you like the tips? By following these recommendations, it will be easier to keep your skin healthy and without flaking.

How to prevent the skin from peeling?

  • Avoid sun exposure without using sunscreen;
  • Apply a specific moisturizer for each skin: face, body, hands and feet;
  • Keep your body hydrated by drinking 2 liters of water daily;
  • Avoid very hot baths;
  • Protect your skin on cold days;
  • For the feet: sand them once a week and place them in warm water, in addition to avoiding the use of open shoes and high heels.

With these care, your skin is more protected and less prone to peeling.

Home remedies for peeling skin

In addition to the dermatologist’s tips and recommendations, check out 3 videos and see what you can do to solve this problem:

Peeling skin after sunbathing: what to do

You can’t neglect the skin, especially on summer days, when we leave the dermis more exposed to the sun. In this video, you learn a homemade recipe to avoid flaking.

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Skin peeling on the eyebrow

It is common for the skin around the eyebrows to peel. See the main causes of this type of peeling and what you can do to alleviate it.

Saline serum for peeling skin

On days of extreme cold or after very hot baths, our skin tends to be sensitive. See how to use saline to soften peeling.

It is important to remember that these homemade solutions are not universal and, therefore, consultation with a dermatologist is recommended for targeted and effective treatment. Is your skin irritated after a summer day? Check out the best after-suns to soothe the dermis.

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