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Past Lives in Tarot: What Can This Oracle Reveal? 🤔

Want to know if it’s really possible to understand your past lives in Tarot? Today, we are going to show you what this oracle can reveal to you, including about the past. After all, this reading brings us the answers we are looking for.

In general, many people wonder about what has happened in other lives. Is an acquaintance still standing in your way? Here, it is very common to think about love, soul mates and so on.

That’s why we prepared a post to talk about past lives in Tarot. And let’s start talking about self-knowledge in relation to the oracle.

Déjà-vu: how to see past lives in Tarot?

Before understanding if it is possible to find out about past lives in Tarot, let’s differentiate the 2 concepts. Thus, we understand the dynamics with which these points are related.

Past lives

From this perspective, let’s start by talking about life after death. According to spiritism, we reincarnate in another physical body, in order to learn and evolve. However, we usually have no memories of these past lives. In some cases, this could generate an imbalance during the evolution journey.

On the other hand, you can access these memories in regression therapy, with the support of a medium. Or, if you prefer, you can also ask the questions during the run with a tarologist.

Whatever your choice, check out these tips from expert Solange, especially on the issue of balance. In this video, she reflects on “who we were in past lives”.

Tarot reading

Let’s say you want to know how past life traumas can be reflected in the present time. As an example, let’s assume you’ve decided to book an Egyptian Tarot appointment in order to find out what the oracle will show you.

In this edition, the tarologist interprets the symbology to advise you on things that influence your life. By the way, the cards have aspects that bring “clues” about what is in the subconscious. So this involves both what happened in the past and what is to come.

So, to know what to ask about past lives in Tarot, let’s get to know more about the oracle. Next, tarologist Brendan explains how the interpretation of symbology in this game works.

5 tips to find out about past lives in Tarot

We’ve listed 5 tips to help you understand about past life answers in Tarot. In the end, it is essential to pay attention to every detail in this symbology that is very rich and enlightening.

1. Major and Minor Arcana

While the major arcana represent universal laws, the minor arcana symbolize everyday situations. For example, you ask yourself, “who was I in the past life?”. And, in Tarot, the card of the Priestess (or Popess) appears. But what does it mean?

Generally speaking, this card symbolizes mystery, self-confidence and wisdom. However, the interpretation has everything to do with the context in which the Priestess is inserted in the game.

2. Card suits

In turn, suits also have their own meanings in cartomancy. As an example, let’s talk about the main characteristics of each suit.

  • diamonds: materiality, money, construction, work and physical expression. With the Eight of Pentacles we have intelligence and dexterity, but also greed and avarice.
  • hearts: love, dream, art, relationship and psychic gifts. A Six of Cups brings up your longing for an old love and also your romantic fantasies.
  • swords: rationality, search for truth, triumph, logic and courage. The Ace of Spades, on the other hand, denotes excess passion, whether with intense love or hate.
  • clubs: inspiration, creativity, energy, vision, ingenuity and growth. In the case of the Jack of Clubs, we are talking about loyalty, trust, consistency, etc.

That is, the suits that are revealed during the print run also bring very relevant information. But it’s worth remembering that these letters are within a context, okay?

3. Drawing methods

A tarot reader can use different methods of drawing cards. And, as we are talking about past lives in Tarot, here we are going to address the linear print with 3 cards. From this perspective, reading will answer questions related to the past, present and future.

  • The 1st letter speaks precisely of the past. That is, the blade represents what resulted in the current situation. It is likely a person or event that influences your journey to the present day.
  • The 2nd letter deals with the present tense, especially those things that are hard to see. Sometimes we just need to change perspective to understand how things connect.
  • Finally, the 3rd card shows the future, what lies ahead. In any case, it is up to you to choose whether to listen to the advice of the cards or not. In fact, we have free will even in reincarnation.

4. Sensitive mediumship

To investigate other lives, the ideal is for the tarot reader to have sensitive mediumship. In other words, the point here is to have a keen connection to the spirit world. That way, it will be easier to interpret what the cards reveal.

By the way, one of the characteristics of the sensitive medium is the ability to feel the pain of others. Soon, he will be able to use emerging intuition and hunches to refine his advice.

5. Past Life Tarot Revelations

To close with a flourish, let’s talk about the particularities of this query. When playing Past Life Tarot, you may notice some repetitive patterns, such as addictions. Therefore, it is important to analyze the current situation and go back in time to obtain insights from other lives.

And then, are you ready to make a egyptian tarot consultation? If this is the path you choose, take the opportunity to meet the experts at . Also, check out more blog posts that involve the mysteries of the past, present and future!

Kisses and until next time! 😘

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