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Past lives – How to find out if I still have memories? – Blog

Have you ever had the feeling that the people you know in this life were already known from other lives? Several people have had this feeling that can be linked to memories of previous reincarnations and therefore, several people are curious to find out if some traumas and symptoms are reflections of past lives.

Here at you will find mediums who can help you deal with your Past lives – How to find out if I still have memories?

You must have read our article: What is reincarnation? According to the spiritist vision, a second chance is given to all souls, that according to the teachings of spiritism our soul can experience several lives on earth.

But when it comes to past lives, how do I find out if I still have memories? We at have separated some alternatives that can help you find out if you still have memories of your past lives.

Past lives – How do I find out if I still have memories? Discover some alternatives to discover!

Past Life Regression – This is a technique that is widely used to discover details of past life memories, during regression the patient is placed in a trance state and hypnotized to be able to discover and recall past life memories.

Consult a medium – Some clairvoyants are able to receive and transmit information about their past lives. For example, it can reveal traumas you have suffered in past lives, loves you have lived and other past life memories.

How can discovering past lives help in the present life?

Through these alternatives it is possible to discover your past life and help to better understand my current life.

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For example, some fears and phobias in the current life may be reflections of past lives. As well as affinities with some people.

However, to recall past life memories you must seek a reliable medium. Here at you will find the best professionals specialized in this area who are available 24 hours a day for consultations by phone, chat and email.

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Want to know more about past lives, how to find out if I still have memories? Read this article that talks about the subject: Discover how past life trauma can influence the present.

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