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Passion fruit Caipirinha: 12 perfect recipes for those who like to innovate

Refreshing, passion fruit caipirinha is perfect to replace the traditional version made with lemon. This way, you can get out of the routine and still enjoy a drink with a sour flavor that can surprise your taste buds. Whether with cachaça, vodka or even Jurupinga, the drink can be simple or enhanced with more fruits or other ingredients.

1. Passion fruit Caipirinha with cachaça

Caipirinha de cachaça is a success, so this is the distillate choice for this recipe. To test this option at home, you still need to have passion fruit, sugar and ice on hand. There are few ingredients, but they make a delicious drink. Worth a try!

2. Passion fruit caipirinha with vodka

Another simple recipe that can conquer your taste buds is this version made with vodka. No secrets, the drink still has passion fruit, sugar and ice. The method of preparation is simple to follow, but the result is so delicious, it can be difficult to stop having this drink.

3. Passion fruit Caipirinha in the blender

If you are looking for practicality, the blender is a great ally when preparing your caipirinha. Here, the drink is made with passion fruit, water, ice, condensed milk and vodka. The texture is creamy and the taste is sweet. For an extra touch of flavor, the tip is to use the fruit pulp as decoration when serving.

4. Passion fruit caipirinha with lemon

Combining two fruits is a great alternative for those who want to get out of the ordinary in the taste of caipirinha. Here, passion fruit is used in greater quantity, but the lemon gives a special touch to the drink without generating complications at the time of preparation.

5. Creamy passion fruit caipirinha

Simple, quick and easy to prepare, this recipe only takes white cachaça, condensed milk, passion fruit and ice. Even being made in a cocktail shaker, the texture of the caipirinha is very creamy. In addition, the suggestion is to strain the drink to eliminate the seeds.

6. Passion fruit caipirinha with vanilla

How about flavoring your caipirinha using vanilla essence? This is an easy-to-find ingredient that makes all the difference in the taste of the drink. If you want to innovate without having too much work, it’s worth checking out the step by step of this recipe.

7. Passion Fruit Caipirinha with Strawberry

Combine passion fruit with strawberry when making your caipirinha and be surprised by the drink. The method of preparation is the way we like it: simple. Simply mash the fruit with sugar in a cocktail shaker, add crushed ice and vodka and shake well.

8. Passion fruit caipirinha with wasabi

Possibly this is the most unusual caipirinha you’ve ever seen. That’s because it has wasabi in the ingredient list. With a fiery twist, this is an exotic recipe that can conquer your taste buds. And there’s more: the drink still has a branch of rosemary.

9. Passion fruit Caipirinha with cinnamon syrup

Extremely refreshing, this recipe is perfect to enjoy on hot summer days. This version has cachaça, cinnamon syrup and crushed ice. To give that charm to the decoration, the tip is to use a piece of burnt cinnamon at checkout.

10. Passion fruit caipirinha with tangerine

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t give up going out of the ordinary, you can go further even though you’ve already chosen to make the caipirinha version with passion fruit. Here, the proposal is to add tangerine juice and orange slices to the preparation.

11. Passion fruit Caipirinha with watermelon and ginger

With small modifications you can make a caipirinha worthy of the coolest bars. The idea is to leave the basic combination of passion fruit, cachaça, ice and sugar and add watermelon and ginger to the drink. In addition, you can still check how to serve the drink in a passion fruit peel.

12. Passion fruit Caipirinha with Jurupinga and popsicle

How about leaving vodka and cachaça aside and using Jurupinga to prepare your drink? To make the drink even more different, a popsicle enters the scene. Were you curious? So, see the complete step by step in the video.

Caipirinha doesn’t have to be made with just lemon and, as you can see from the list above, there are delicious versions made with passion fruit. Another alternative to try new flavors is the pineapple caipirinha.

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