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Party makeup: tutorials to follow and rock the look

When it comes to makeup for night parties and clubs, one item is paramount: long-lasting. Party makeup needs to last the entire party so you don’t have to worry about it all the time. So, first of all, invest in good products that last for a long time.

In general, ballad makeup is striking, but it is necessary to choose a point on the face to focus the highlight using stronger colors: the mouth or eyes. Based on this principle, it is easier to choose the most suitable makeup for your night.

If you still don’t have the confidence to do the party makeup yourself, start by practicing some looks on days when you’re not going out. In front of the mirror, try different colors of lipstick and eyeshadow, allow yourself to see yourself with other shades on your face and then you can find out what works and what doesn’t work for you.

3 ballad makes to rock

Among the main beauties you can choose for a party are: the dark smoky eye, the cat-eye look with red lipstick and also the colored eye with different colors of eyeshadow. These are three classics that you can switch and vary between your ballads. Check out each of these three options for party makeup taught by Brazilian beauty gurus below:

1. Dark smoky eye with neutral lipstick

This makeup is one of the darlings of Brazilians for being a combination that goes well for all skin tones. If you are brunette or black, you can bet on nude and caramel lipsticks, while lighter-skinned women can invest in light coral and light pink tones. As for the clothes, this makeup matches everything, everything. See in the video the black smokey eye tutorial by blogger Camila Coelho:

2. Cat eyes with red lipstick

Cat eyeliner makeup is a beauty classic. When combined with red lipstick, this makeup is even more beautiful and striking. It suits any skin tone, however, cool skin tones call for cool reds while warm skin tones call for warm red tones. If you prefer, this makeup can also be finished with pink or wine lipstick. This makeup goes well in looks with colors such as dark green, navy blue, black, white and gold. The tutorial below is also by blogger Camila Coelho and contains many useful tips for this make-up:

3. Colored eye with neutral lipstick

The colored eye is more suitable for those who like makeup with more shade variations. In it you choose 2 or 3 shadows to mix in the eye makeup and complement it with a neutral lipstick, such as nude, rosé or coral. For the look, the suggestion is to bet on neutral tones and avoid using the same color of eyeshadow in the clothes. In the tutorial below you can see a makeup with purple and turquoise made by blogger Mariana Saad:

In addition to these three suggested options, you can create variations of them, changing the lipstick and eyeshadow colors, so you will have a universe of possibilities for your looks.

Post-club: don’t forget to remove your makeup

Why is it so important to remove makeup before bed? Makeup, especially when you use a primer, leaves the pores completely clogged and this can cause excessive oiliness on the skin and some pimples can appear.

So never let laziness get the best of you. Clean your face with makeup remover and then wash it normally to remove all traces of the remover and makeup. Your skin will thank you.

More party makeup inspirations

Check out some more looks from Brazilian bloggers for the night and get inspired to create your versions:

Still in doubt? Leave your comment to receive more tips and suggestions.

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