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Party guide: how to dress up for every occasion

Parties and fancy events aren’t that routine for most people, so it’s normal for doubts to pop up when these occasions pop up on the agenda. To help the guests, the organization may determine a dress code, but there are cases where it is not possible to know so easily which line the production should follow.

When there is an indication of the type of attire, it is essential that the guests are concerned about complying with the invitation. Image and style consultant Clarice Dewes explains that this is a way of ensuring comfort for everyone present, because that way the chances of someone dressing inappropriately for the event are lower.

On the other hand, it is also possible to dress well even if the dress code has not been established by the hosts, “for you to put together a look for an occasion that does not specify the type of attire that should be used, it is necessary to pay attention to some points as the time and place of the event”, guides the stylist Isabella Narchi.

From the tips of the experts, you can guarantee that you will rock any occasion, whether you are the mother of the bride or the guest of the debutante!

How to dress for a 15th birthday party

Traditionally, 15th birthday parties had the function of introducing girls to society. Nowadays, celebrations are more modern and less committed to this custom, which allows events to be adapted to the style and personal taste of the birthday girls, whether to make them simpler or to invest in a night full of glamour.


According to Clarice, the debutante should bet on a dress in which she feels comfortable and at ease, as all eyes at the party will be directed at her. “What counts here is that the dress is made with sophisticated fabrics, which accompany the style of the occasion”, she clarifies, saying that there are no specific indications regarding the length of the outfit.

However, despite this break with tradition, it is still important that the birthday girl is careful with some aspects of her clothing, being valid to avoid “exaggerated necklines, ruffles or huge bows that end up hiding the beauty of a 15-year-old girl”. In addition, the consultant says that it can be “a little trick to combine the dress with the party decorations, since it is the girl who must stand out”.


For 15th birthday parties, the dress code can vary from fine sport to black tie, so it’s important to follow the invitation. In the first case, it is possible to use both dresses and blouse sets with a skirt or pants, the greatest care should be in choosing the fabric, which needs to be sophisticated.

Full-length or black tie suits, in turn, require a more elaborate production, allowing for shine, cleavage, transparencies and high heels. In the last indication, which is more refined, the consultant recommends double care for the use of short dresses and suggests pieces with embroidery, small bags and powerful jewelry.

how to dress for wedding

Due to the wide variety of styles and traditions of the ceremonies, it is common for doubts to arise when getting ready for a wedding. In addition to the general recommendations, which concern the place, time and the dress code of the invitation, there are also other precautions that can help to avoid gaffes, such as “never wear very light clothes or, in the case of bridesmaids, dark dresses”, exemplifies Isabella.


Normally, bridesmaids must wear long dresses at weddings, but there are cases where the bride specifies other lengths or even the models and colors of the outfits. Therefore, Clarice’s tip is that these guests of honor always talk to the bride before making the final choice and, as Isabella recalls, opt for very dark tones only if that is the will of the hostess.

Bride’s mother

As with bridesmaids, it is possible that the mother of the bride also has her dress model specified by the hostess. Otherwise, Clarice recommends care so that the matriarch’s production is not overshadowed by the others: “she must stand out from the guests, wear elegant and sophisticated models for the occasion”, she points out.


Also for the guests, Isabella says it is necessary to be careful when choosing the color of the dress, which can be short or long. Other points are mentioned by the image consultant: for ceremonies with a party, it is more interesting to prioritize comfort so that the production does not interfere with the fun, so “avoid very tight clothes, necklines or straps that insist on leaving the place”.

How to dress for graduation

Nowadays, it is common for graduations to be divided into several days, with dinners, dances and graduation. In these cases, each of the events may require a different dress code, so it is very important that the general tips for each style of attire are followed.


“In the case of gala balls, the graduates can give preference to long ones, as they are the highlight of the night”, defines Clarice. For this occasion, the ideal is that pieces and fabrics that are too relaxed are avoided, giving way to noble materials and strappy sandals and thin heels.

godmother of graduation

It is important that the bridesmaids reconcile their productions with those of the trainees, so that the hostesses are not overshadowed. The ideal is to opt for long or long dresses without many details such as sparkles or embroidery.


Although the graduation guests can bet on short dresses, the image consultant suggests that the same aspects, such as the preference for sophisticated fabrics and less relaxed pieces, are observed by the woman. “One thing that the guests don’t need to invest so much, for example, is a well-crafted hairstyle. Simpler hair, with some accessory or powerful makeup, can be super suitable”, she concludes.

where to buy party dresses

There are several models of dresses that can be used on these occasions and can easily be found in specialized stores in your city or even on the internet. Before making your choice, however, it is important to analyze if the piece is well adjusted to your body and will not limit your movements, so that comfort and fun are guaranteed!

5 combinations to make your production easier

  1. Embroidered dresses or with lace and applications: prefer to use more discreet accessories and bet on a smooth clutch;
  2. Sequin dresses: the suggestion is to wear a sandal without sparkles and without too many details, in this way you contrast the information of the dress with that of the sandal;
  3. Neutral dresses and no prints: you can invest in a more striking makeup – like a pink, wine or red lipstick – and combine it with heavier accessories, but in a balanced way so as not to overdo the production;
  4. Colorful dresses: bet on neutral makeup, such as a brown or black smokey eye and pale pink or nude lips;
  5. Printed dresses: the ideal is to invest in neutral shoes, such as a nude sandal or one that is the same color as one of the items in the print. The same goes for the clutch, only it is interesting not to “match” the bag and shoes of the same color.

In general, just use a rule that works for most cases: if the dress is more flashy, the rest should be more neutral and if the dress is neutral, the accessories, shoes and makeup can be more daring. However, everything will depend a lot on your personal taste, the occasion, the type of event and what you represent in it and also the accessories you already have.


The truth is that everyone wants to look good on these special occasions. For that, a great trick is to be inspired by the productions of women who rock social events and bet on looks that make you comfortable and self-confident! See how bloggers dress up for 15th birthday parties, graduations and weddings.

In case of doubt, the stylist Isabella Narchi gives the tip: “it is always worth betting on some more classic and basic clothes, so that the mistake can be avoided”. When the dress code is not established by the organization of the party, more neutral colors, timeless styles and the analysis of the place and time of the event are the most assertive ways to rock the look!

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