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Pareô skirt: 24 models of this piece that matches all styles

Summer is coming, and with it, the need to wear cooler clothes. Can you imagine finding a skirt that can be used in the most diverse environments? Because it exists and it’s the pareô skirt!

In case you don’t know it, it’s that model in which a knot is made at the waist, leaving the fabric slightly twisted. Although it looks stripped, believe me, combining well the other pieces of the look it can be very elegant. Get to know the pareo skirt better and discover how it can be your ally on the hottest days.

25 photos of the most varied looks with pareo skirt

Check out 25 outfit inspirations for every moment and see how the pareo skirt goes with everything!

1. Get inspired by this super tropical floral model

2. And in this beautiful pink skirt with transparency

3. This look is sexier with a mustard outfit

4. How about a super stripped long model?

5. Is there anything more tropical than a fruit print?

6. The pareo skirt also goes well on the beach

7. This model made in knitting is passionate

8. Pareo beach outings are a blast!

9. All the delicacy of lace

10. Bet on the versatility of denim skirts

11. This beautiful inspiration is in black voile

12. For a more casual look, combine a skirt and sneakers

13. Fringes are welcome!

14. The options with patterned fabrics are also beautiful

15. A classic and elegant black model

16. To go to the beach, dust and transparency

17. Colorful prints are the face of summer!

18. Black lace never loses its elegance

19. Color mixes can be amazing!

20. Another fun model of poá

21. This outfit is ideal for parties during the day!

22. After all, this skirt model will make your production even more stylish

23. Light fabrics make the look more relaxed

24. How about a Greek eye print?

See how the occasion doesn’t matter? A pareo skirt always looks good and that’s why they’re here to stay!

how to make a pareo skirt

The step-by-step videos are always a source of inspiration and even a class for you who want to get your hands dirty and make your own skirt. Check out some of these tutorials now:

Long and stylish skirt

In this video, you will learn how to make a beautiful long pareo skirt step by step. In addition, the owner of the channel provided the mold of the piece for you to know all the details of the making.

fluttering and beautiful

In less than ten minutes, you will learn how to make a short, flowing pareo skirt. Quickly and easily, you’ll have an amazing look to wear on hot days.

No sewing, just glue!

And if you don’t know how to sew, no problem! With this tutorial, you will discover how to make a ribbed knitted pareo skirt using only fabric glue. That simple!

Pareô skirts, as we have seen, are versatile and perfect to compose the most varied looks. No matter your size or height, you will always have a pareo skirt model that will fit you perfectly. How about giving this piece that is the face of hot days a chance?

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