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Palo Santo cleans negative energies and reduces tensions |

For those unfamiliar, Palo Santo looks like just a simple piece of aromatic wood, which is often used as incense.

However, it goes far beyond that. Made 100% naturally, it does not harm nature and works as a balancer, harmonizing an environment, cleaning negative energies and attracting good fluids.

According to the alchemist and botanical perfumer, Mell Dias, the product also helps to prevent diseases, as it has physical and spiritual cleansing properties. It is also an aphrodisiac and reduces tensions between people.

Palo Santo has 3 main chemical components, which explain its benefits. Are they:

Limonene – About 62.88% of this compound is present in Palo Santo essential oil and in wood that is burned as incense. This active ingredient awakens creativity, reduces anxiety and is stimulating. It also acts as an atmospheric disinfectant, that is, it cleans the environment of negative energies.
Terpineol – This compound increases immunity, is tonic, fungicidal and bactericidal, in addition to imparting balance.
Menthofuran – It is an excellent anticongestive and also antiviral. It brings reflection and more conscious attitudes.

How to use Palo Santo?

Palo Santo is found in natura format (wooden stick) or in essential oils. According to energy therapist Ceci Akamatsu, both can be used in all environments and also when the person is feeling heavy, when arriving from the street or from some place or situation with “charged” energy (after a fight or tense situation, for example). example).

Another function is to clean the energy that is stagnant in the places or even in its regulars.

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In the case of the stick, Ceci suggests that the person choose one of the ends and always light that side.

Let the fire form and, after the stick is taken by the flame, just swing it so that it goes out and only smoke begins to emanate, which is what will perfume and at the same time smoke the space you want.

“I start spreading the smoke through my auric field, especially at the height of each of the Chakras, to balance them (see which are the 7 main Chakras).

I also spread it around the environment, intending the smoke to help clean and harmonize. I like to smoke myself and my house at least once a day. As I perform consultations, I also use smoke at the end of consultations and in the time between the next patient, to help clean the space energetically”, says the energy therapist.

After using the stick, the botanical perfumer Mell Dias says that just leave it in a place where it won’t burn. As it has no gunpowder, it quickly goes out. “Light whenever you want, but it’s worth remembering to open the spaces so that the smoke can disperse easily, taking away impurities and negativity”, advises Mell.

The oils and sprays that have Palo Santo in their composition have the advantage of being able to be carried in your purse anywhere and applied at all times, like during a tantrum in traffic, for example. Mell Dias recommends that they be used before going to sleep, as they promote relaxation, or at home, after a tense energy has crossed the environment. “The aroma of the spray tends to be fresher, while that of innatura incense is sweeter, but both are considered extremely powerful for energy cleansing and spiritual protection”, he compares.

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Benefits of Palo Santo

The alchemist and botanical perfumer Mell Dias claims that the product, 100% natural, has a series of benefits in addition to energetically cleaning an environment, expelling negative energies. Check out other improvements that Palo Santo offers below:

It controls current illnesses caused by stress, bringing peace and harmony. This is because of its physical and spiritual cleansing properties. Its aroma helps to deepen the spiritual moments of Meditation and contemplation, in addition to relaxing the mind and inducing a feeling of abandonment of what no longer serves. This transports you to a unique atmosphere of peace and tranquility. It’s an aphrodisiac. As it helps to improve the spiritual quality of the relationship, it can be used in the couple’s bedroom to bring more intimate, loving and happy moments. It connects people with human love, increasing the ability to give and receive. Relieves stress. Eliminates domestic conflicts. The scent of wood serves as a 100% natural mosquito repellent, ideal for children’s rooms. It is antidepressant, diuretic, depurative (purifies the organism), antirheumatic, antiseptic, antifungal, among others.

Is there a contraindication?

According to otolaryngologist Dr. Alfredo Lara Gaillard, all smoke contains some type of particle that is toxic for breathing (such as soot, carbon monoxide, among others), even in the case of natural products.

However, as one of the main active ingredients present in Palo Santo is limonene, the expert claims that inhalation is well tolerated and should only be stopped in case of allergic reactions.

“If people want to use Palo Santo, they should keep the environment well ventilated and airy, in addition to not directly inhaling the smoke produced by burning wood. I also do not recommend using it in places with low relative humidity, due to the potential risk of irritation to the airways.

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Other than that, anyone with individual allergies that can be made worse by smoke, as well as pre-existing serious lung conditions, should not be exposed to the product. If these due precautions are taken, everyone can use it, including babies and the elderly, as long as the proper guidelines are respected”, clarifies the doctor.

To find out if the Palo Santo you are buying is of quality, perfumer Mell Dias teaches that the tip is to inhale the wood. “You identify a good Palo Santo by its aroma. If the wood is scented, it is within the expected range. If it doesn’t smell, don’t buy it, as it won’t exude when burned,” she finishes.

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