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Pact With The Devil: How to Make a Faustian Contract or Deal

There are people who wonder if it is really possible to make pacts with the devil to get what they want, and others feel it would be interesting to make a pact with the devil to get money, fortune or some other kind of service. It is a dangerous deal and a commitment for all life. There are many different ways in which you could sign a contract with Satan, and today we will see several things you need to know before taking the first step.

Making a Pact with the Devil: Before you do it

Making a pact with the Devil

Making a pact with the Devil

Here is a list of 10 things you should know before making a pact with the devil.

1. The agreement could be oral or written. If it is oral, it is done through invocations, spells or rituals. The written contract will attract the devil and will include a contract signed with the blood of the sorcerer or sacrificial victim (or, more commonly, red ink or animal blood).

2. Throughout history, there has always appeared evidence such as the diabolical mark, an indelible sign caused by the devil’s touch when closing the deal, like a freckle or a scar that was proof that the pact with the demon had taken place.

3. The person usually offers his or her soul in exchange for powerful devilish favors such as eternal youth, knowledge, riches, love or power.

4. From the ninth century on, the figure of the Jew is introduced, a mediator in the pact with Diabolus, his patron, according to a Christian text called Miraculum Sancte Marie by Theophilus of Adana.

5. In Christian Demonology, it was thought that the person who had made a pact with the devil promised in return to sacrifice their children or consecrate them at birth.

6. Many midwives were accused of this because of large numbers of children who died at birth in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

7. The pact-maker was also supposed to participate in covens, have sexual relations with demons and conceive offspring with the succubi (or the incubi if she was a woman).

8. In the history of music there have been alleged diabolic pacts such as that of Niccolo Paganini, an Italian violinist; Giuseppe Tartini, a Venetian composer and violinist, who sincerely believed that his sonata The trill of the Devil was inspired by the appearance of the devil in a dream; and also Robert Johnson, a blues musician, known for having sold his soul at the crossroads of Highway 61 and 49.

9. Another way to seal the covenant was by including your own name in the Red Book of Satan.

10. The western monotheistic religions assure that this pact is very dangerous since the price would be the eternal condemnation of the soul and the condemned always lose.

History of the Contracts with the Devil

Sell your soul to the devil

Sell your soul to the devil

Paganism did not disappear in Europe until the 8th century, and its remains lasted under many forms of popular religiosity. It is possible to establish a clear analogy between the pagan rites to pre-Christian gods that Christianity considers evil and the pact with the devil.

Especially, Christian Apologetics and Demonology emphasized and exaggerated the most sinister aspects of these rites, particularly those relating to human sacrifice. For this reason, the cultural idea of secret rites lasted in Europe to obtain the favor of malefic forces.

Selling your Soul to the Devil

The rituals to make a contract with the Devil and sell the soul vary a lot depending on the sources. Let-s see some of the books that according to the experts show in more detail the steps of the ritual or pact by which it would be possible to sell your soul to the Devil:

The Great Grimoire is considered one of the most authoritative books regarding diabolical pacts. It is difficult, as with all grimoires, to date the time of its writing, since no manuscript was found prior to the date of its printing, which occurred in the eighteenth century. Attributed “officially” to Antonio del Rabino, a Venetian magician who claimed to have written the work based on writings by King Solomon himself (Son of David and prophet of the Old Testament), in the Great Grimoire is specified in detail how to invoke and make a deal with Lucifer. Much aware of the risks that the pact with the devil would entail, the Great Grimoire includes a series of clauses full of double meanings, tricks, and loopholes, which allow the devil to be deceived when he comes to claim his share in the pact. After all, an eternity of unspeakable torments, in exchange for a few years of material benefits, is not a great deal for anyone.

One of the rituals included in the Grimorium Verum is dedicated especially to the sale of the soul to the Devil. And as in the mentioned Grimoire, it is specified that the demons “never give anything for nothing”, alluding to the need of offerings and ritual sacrifices, always of animals. The Grimorium Verum begins its first part by listing the three main demons with which it is possible to make a pact: “The first thing you should know is that there are three powers. Lucifer, Beelzebub and Ashtaroth”. Detailing below how all the elements and tools of the ritual should be made correctly: the virgin scroll, the magic wands, the sacrificial knife, the lancet, etc.

The Grimorium Honorii Magni (or Book of Pope Honorius the Great) has been considered the most “diabolical” among all Black Books, probably because, unlike other Grimoires more limited to Kabbalistic (Jewish) magic in this work are shown important Christian influences, which in the opinion of the ecclesiastical authorities, further aggravate the blasphemous character of the work. Published for the first time in Latin, in Rome, in the years 1629, it is especially known from a French translation of 1670, and attributed to Pope Honorius III the Great, the successor of Innocent III, who reigned between 1216 and 1227. According to the Gospel quote, Jesus told the first Pope: “And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven” (Matthew 16, 18). In this meeting, which largely supports the authority of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, it is intended to justify the supposed power of the Pope to dominate the demons and to decide on earth issues that also affect the beyond.

In Spain, without a doubt one of the most popular forbidden books, which still circulates today in some esoteric environments, is the Great Book of San Cipriano. This Grimoire, which also specifies in detail the ritual of invocation to the demons and the steps of the satanic pact, generated all kinds of legends. Among the Galician meigas, it was rumored that there was a copy of this legendary book chained in the basement of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, however minor editions and loose fragments were treasured by some Galician occultists, or the rest of Spain, as a real magical treasure. “El Ciprianillo” is still consulted by some contemporary Spanish seers, occultists, and sorcerers.

Contract with the devil

Contract with the devil

Satanic rituals, by Anton Szandor LaVey, 1975. As LaVey rightly says, “the cult of Satan is not exclusively Catholic, and in all the peoples of the world there has been a dark side, and groups of rebels in power who have worshiped him.” In this way, Anton LaVey includes in his collection of “satanic rituals” ceremonies, for example, of the Islamic Yezidies, a sect that worships the Sahitan of the Qur’an, and who performs bloody rituals of blood in their dark cults; or the Russian Khlysty, linked to the sinister Rasputin, and ferocious “satanic” enemies of the Christian Orthodox Church.

The Practice of Conjuring, by Fray Luis de la Concepción, 1983. In this extensive book-manual of magic, different ways of invoking the forces of nature, spirits a, d demons are detailed, including also the precautions that must be taken.

Consequences of Selling your Soul to the Devil

Even some of the most devout Satanists point out the risks involved in this type of ritual. The Satanic Covenant, they say, is not a game for the curious, but a commitment for all eternity.

He who sells his soul to the Devil is a victim of his own weakness and ambition, and does not hesitate to achieve his desires to sell his soul to the devil, without caring about the consequences, knowing that at some point he will have to pay his debt. So he ends up losing everything and condemning his Being, destroying his life and everything he loved most.

The price of selling the Soul is very high; the buyer is relentless and patient to charge and devour his victims. The temptation is great, but the price to pay is never cheap.

How to Make a Pact with the Devil

So, what is required to enter into a pact with Satan? There are several things you should take into consideration, such as your environment and it’s possible limitations, and the direction of your intentions. It’s a good idea to plan ahead of time and to be prepared so that when you do the ritual you will be prescient and focused on your purpose of Pacting with Satan.

I strongly suggest that you study Satanism, practice rituals and spirituality with Satan for at least a year before you decide to make a pact. This is so that you can be sure that Satanism is the path for you. Let your pact be something you work towards. A pact is not a starting point, it is a post along the way.

I recommend that you plan to perform the ritual one month before a full moon, with this probationary period ending with the ritual on the night of the full moon. This ensures that you have plenty of time to consider your intentions and to plan for the ritual.

During that month you should study as much as you can about Satan, or the demon that you are pacting with, so that you are familiar with the forces you intend to align yourself with.

I suggest a month as a measure of precaution, because a pact that is made in haste is not as useful or legitimate as one that has been carefully considered and planned. What you will do is create and plan a ritual, perform this ritual and then sign your pact with Satan.

Making a pact with the devil

Making a pact with the devil

Tools and Equipment

You will need basic tools and materials and a quiet and private place to work, so you can use the month beforehand to gather any ritual tools or items, and prepare for your ritual. This ritual is going to be an event that you only need to do once, because it is an initiatory ritual into Satanism.

I also recommend that you take some time during that month to write a few paragraphs to yourself, by hand, to describe why you want to pact with Satan. You should write about what Satan means to you, and why you want to initiate yourself into Satanism. This will allow you to some time to carefully consider your proposition to Satan. This material can then be used for creating your ritual, as you will have already declared through your writing exercise your intent. This is important, as it will give you time to consider and formulate your words.

Part of the planning for a ritual is in obtaining the items that you can use to set the mood and create the atmosphere necessary for ritual. Gather up any images, drawings, music, statues or sigils that are associated with Satan. These items could be anything that you relate to on a deep level that signifies Satan, or the force of Satanic energy.

This symbolism will surround you as you create your pact and it will help you to focus on the task at hand. Through this symbolism and imagery the force of Satan will be present in your ritual. You should also gather candles and incense for your ritual. My suggestion is, of course, black candles, and incense that is symbolic of the element of earth, or Saturn [patchouli, cedar, pine, etc., as these things that are earthy by association]

Some of the old grimoires recommend sulfur or other noxious substances during the summoning of Satan, but from the perspective of the writers of these grimories, Satan is seen as an enemy to their god – and sulfur, related by association to the fire and brimstone of hell, is meant to evoke the essence of [godly] damnation.

For a Satanist, however, associating with energies of the earth and of Saturn seems to be a better method of evoking this same essence through symbolism that is less threatening and demanding, and more appropriate for Satanic interaction. Some of us as Satanists, recognize Satan as the god of this earth so it only makes sense to use things in this ritual that symbolize earthen energies.
Along with these ritual items, you also need a space to perform your rituals. It is best if you can be alone, in a place where you can isolate yourself from the surrounding world and it’s distractions. Maybe you already have a ritual space to use, or a place outdoors that is quiet where you can perform your pacting with Satan.

You also should have a paper to sign your pact with; some may choose to use parchment paper for this task. For my ritual, I used parchment paper that was animal-friendly [not made from sheepskin]. You could also use some type of magic ink like dragon’s blood ink to write your pact, and a quill pen to write the pact with. If these things are not available to you, you always have the option of using a new piece of paper and pen to write your pact.

Make a Pact with Satan

Pact with Satan

Pact with Satan

Now that you have gathered your items for ritual, and you know the time and place, and your intent has already been written, you will be prepared for the Pact Ritual. On the night of the full moon, you will perform your ritual. The dress for ritual is simple black clothing, a ritual robe, or naked if you so desire.

You can then set up your ritual space, and prepare for invoking the presence of Satan. The invocation is a method of connecting with the force of Satan through internal association. This can be done through chanting, prayers or meditation. It is important to focus on your task and not to question along the way whether it is working for you or not; what matters is that you are expressing your desire to the universe, and to Satan. You must be genuine with your intent, and honest and true to your original purpose, without the limitations of distractions both internal and external, and thereby you will have results.

You can also call to Satan through invocation, and by doing this you are calling the energy of your deity within, and to your ritual space. You should use some type of basic invocation that you can say out loud.

Below, is one that I’ve created, for an example. You should attempt to create your own personal invocation in your ritual, something that is simple and effective. I will not provide this material on my site because I feel that a pact is a personal thing that should be self-created, not something that is copied from a source. When it is done in this way it will have more meaning for you.

I call upon your name, Satan, the Lord of this Earth, the God of the Abyss! I call upon Satan to be here in this sacred space tonight with me to witness the signing of this pact!

After lighting your candles and taking a moment to surround yourself with purpose and energy through focus by invocation, it is time to write your pact. Using your previous writing exercise as your guide, write clearly and decisively what you want, how you want it, when you want it and why. You should be detailed, and be sincere with your writing.

Now, after you have written your terms, you will sign the pact. You can either sign it with your ink, or some may do, take the option of signing this pact with blood. The choice is yours, but signing the pact is what you need to make it real and true, and final. The pact is created and so it is done. You can either keep your pact in a safe place, or burn it. I had burned my pact afterward, dissolving it in fire and letting the elements consume it by returning it to the earth.

With Knowledge Comes Wisdom

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