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Oxalá na Umbanda – One of the main deities

One of the main entities worshiped by Umbanda practitioners. This Orisha is the very manifestation of faith, kindness and everything related to positivity. Find out more about the history of I hope in Umbanda, and also how to worship this entity. After all, the same can help us find our way and keep the faith.

This Orisha is considered the most perfect manifestation of good and, for this reason, it is often syncretized with Jesus Christ. Although the two are not the same entity, they are very similar and their characteristics can even be confused.

Many even believe that Jesus was the reincarnation of this Orisha here on Earth. However, it must be made clear that, unlike Jesus, who lived here with an earthly body, Oxalá in Umbanda has always been a deity.

Who is this deity known as Oxalá in Umbanda?

I hope in Umbanda is the light and positive energy that balances everything, including us humans. He was created by Olorum, the supreme God who made everything and received the great responsibility of being part of the creation of the world. If you are mentally and spiritually unbalanced, it is this Orisha who should cry out. He has the power to rescue confused and lost minds and to restore lost faith.

Its color is white and its offerings are white food. They should be left in flower gardens, near rivers, woods, and churches. White candles are always welcome to Oxalá at Umbanda.

The greeting of this Orisha is Epa Baba Oxalá! In some Umbanda centers, its day of the week is Friday, just as in Candomblé terreiros, but in others, this deity has Sunday as its own. The day of the year reserved for him is December 25th, making yet another association with Jesus Christ.

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Archetypes of Oxalá in Umbanda

Oxalá’s children in Umbanda are usually extremely kind, calm and given to charity. Among its main characteristics are tranquility, purity, power of observation and its spirituality usually draws a lot of attention. Maybe that’s why other people want and enjoy being with these people so much.

Oxalá in Umbanda is always requested for work related to indoctrination. He is always ready to help anyone who needs direction and balance, especially in the spiritual life.

Oxalá is in all things and in all of us. All human beings have this entity with them, since it was the one who gave us the breath of life in the name of God.

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