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Online thrift store: 15 options to practice conscious fashion

They say that we are what we eat. Does the same go for our clothes? Being aware of the origin and consequences of the pieces we wear is something that is increasingly on the agenda. That’s why thrift stores have been so successful. When we buy from thrift stores, instead of generating more waste, as in the production of fast fashions, we are reusing clothes that were stopped. Discover 15 online thrift stores to make conscious purchases and search for the coolest pieces!

15 online thrift stores for you to discover and buy

The modern world revolves around the internet and in this case it couldn’t be different: we dived into the online thrift store wave and selected some for all tastes, pockets and bodies. Check out!

1. Ô Bem Amado, a cheap online thrift store

Thrift stores have several advantages over never-used products, but one of the most attractive is the price of the clothes. Therefore, the first indication goes to a cheap online thrift store: Ô Bem Amado. There you can find several pieces at a good price and there is even a section of the website reserved for promos, with super cheap finds. In addition, you can also pay in installments up to 12 installments.

2. NKM, an online thrift store with bags and shoes

NKM is a thrift store with various products, especially branded bags and shoes. On their Instagram, you can find models from brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, among others. All bags and shoes are luxury and you can buy products from the original brands for a lower price than in stores. For those who love bags and shoes, it’s amazing.

3. Maria Chiquinha, an online children’s thrift store

Anyone who is a mother knows well that children grow very fast. The most common situation is that clothes and shoes stop working when they are still in great condition. That’s why an online children’s thrift store like Maria Chiquinha’s is perfect. In addition to clothing, they also have bath items, toys, furniture, strollers, car seats, in other words, everything the little ones need.

4. Retroact, a vintage online thrift store

For those who love vintage fashion, the Retroagir online thrift store is a great choice. There you can find mom jeans from your mother’s time. There are also dresses, shirts, shorts and other pieces from decades ago that are so cute. Retroagir transits between the 50’s and 90’s and each piece mined is full of history. It is worth following their Instagram, which has super beautiful photos.

5. Recicla Luxo, a solidary online thrift store

Recicla Luxo has a very interesting proposal. It is the first online thrift store with pre-owned luxury items in which all proceeds from sales are donated to charities. On the site, you will find clothes, accessories, jewelry, bags, shoes and eyewear. The cool thing is that the prices are usually better than the stores and you even help a charity with your purchase.

6. Rescue Fashion, an online upcycling thrift store

Resgate Fashion is another online thrift store that also has a very cool proposal, upcycling. This means that they mine pieces and reform them or even transform them into completely different pieces using the fabrics. In addition, the brand has products made from scratch as well, using eco-friendly fabrics and pieces from partnerships with artists from different areas.

7. Rua da Saudade, an online thrift store with lots of jeans

Jeans are the favorite of almost everyone. Especially now with the return of the 90’s fashion, mom jeans, buttoned skirts, overalls, overalls and other pieces in jeans are the most up-to-date looks. And Rua da Saudade is an online thrift store where you can find all this for a friendly price. In addition to Instagram sales, they also have a physical space in Osasco – SP.

8. I Need, the online thrift store for bloggers

You know those looks that are super trendy and are booming on Instagram from the coolest digital influencers? You can bet that at I Need online thrift store you will find it. Many bloggers even use pieces from there, such as Nah Cardoso, Karol Pinheiro, Gabbie Fadel, among others. In addition to selling on Instagram, I Need also has a physical store in São Paulo.

9. Brechó do Futebol, the online thrift store for football lovers

Very different from most thrift stores we know, the Football Store has a very specific niche: team shirts. For those who love football and want to have shirts from their favorite clubs from older models, this is a great online thrift store. Mainly for collectors. In addition to the virtual store, the Brechó do Futebol is located in a physical location in Porto Alegre, where it also functions as a bar and space to watch games.

10. Minha Avó Tinha, a traditional online thrift store

Minha Avó Tinha is one of the most traditional thrift stores on this list. Before becoming an online thrift store, it already existed in a physical space in São Paulo, where it continues to this day. It started its activities in 1992 as an antique dealer and shortly afterwards it also became a thrift store. In addition to a thrift store and antique shop, Minha Avó Tinha also rents clothes and accessories. It is a very popular place for costume designers for plays, movies, concerts, etc.

11. Brechó da Poppi, the online thrift store of a fashion designer

Bianca Poppi is a fashion designer who has an entirely online thrift store. His minted pieces range from the 60s to the present day. In addition to selling her finds at the thrift store, she also creates new pieces, embroidering cute phrases or even reusing fabrics. Not to mention that her Instagram has many photos of inspiring looks for us to try.

12. Pretty New, a luxury online thrift store

Another online thrift store with luxury pieces. This time we’re talking about Pretty New, which has so many things that you’ll spend a long time on the site to see everything. From clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and even jewelry. It has a section where you can search for luxury items by brand. Another cool thing is that this online thrift store has a blog with several fashion and beauty tips.

13. Thrift store in the bottom, a glam online thrift store

If you are looking for an online thrift store with very glam and funky pieces, Brechó no Fundinho is a good option. Sales are made through Instagram stories and products are delivered throughout Brazil. They always produce and post beautiful editorials in their feed. In addition to the online thrift store, they also have a physical space in São Paulo.

14. Enjoei, the famous online thrift store

Enjoei is one of the most popular platforms for people who want to sell used clothes and other things. The cool thing is that several famous people, such as artists and youtubers, have their thrift store online on the site. So you can buy things that once belonged to your idol there! Some of the celebrities who have a shop in Enjoei are: Giovanna Antonelli, Anitta, Claudia Raia and Fernanda Souza.

If you hadn’t been caught by the online thrift store wave yet, this time you shouldn’t have escaped. It’s very easy to fall in love, because in addition to buying unique pieces full of history, you still dress consciously and pay less than in stores. It only has advantages!

Now you must be remembering those clothes sitting in your wardrobe and thinking about letting go. But where to start? Calm down, we explain!

5 ways to create an online thrift store for you to sell your pieces

When the thrift store mosquito bites us, we realize that it’s time to say goodbye and make the clothes circulate, composing beautiful looks on other bodies. If you are thinking of selling through your Instagram or even creating a new profile just for your detachment, know that it is a very good alternative. But there are also other online thrift store options, where your clothes can gain more visibility, reaching people across the country. Check out the platforms below:

1. Transfer

Repassa is a good online thrift store for those who want to sell those clothes that are sitting in their wardrobes. First you must request your Sacola do Bem, which will be delivered to your home. So you put all the clothes you want to sell there. For those from São Paulo, the bag can be removed at home. Other states must send by mail. Within 90 days, the clothes will be selected, registered and stored by the website team. When a piece is sold, you will receive 60% of the value.

2. I got sick

We have already mentioned that many celebrities have their online thrift stores on the Enjoei platform. But you can also sell your clothes there. Just photograph the pieces you want to sell and send the photos with detailed descriptions of each product. When the sale occurs, you will receive the amount and the site will receive a 20% commission, in addition to an ad fee that varies according to the value of the product (check the table here). The cool thing is that Enjoei goes beyond clothes and you can even sell electronics, cell phones, furniture, etc.

3. Single Label

If you have pieces of luxury brands and you want to sell them at a good price, the online thrift store Etiqueta Única is a good platform to advertise. First, you register the products by attaching photos. Then, the website team makes an evaluation, already suggesting a price, but it is up to the seller to accept or change the price. The Single Label commission is applied to this amount and varies according to the product. In the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro the pieces are picked up at home. If you live in another location, you must send it by mail. Then, the Etiqueta Única team does the authenticity process and puts the product to sell on the website.

4. Exchange

Troc is yet another online thrift store option to sell items from premium and luxury brands. You ship your parts for free, then the team reviews the condition and suggests pricing. If you have parts that are not accepted, they are sent back to you. The site commission varies between 50% and 30%, according to the price of the piece. To make it easier, before sending your clothes, bags, shoes and accessories, you can check which brands are accepted by the site in this list.

5. Got Small

Fica Pequeno is a specific platform for you to sell used children’s products. As we said before, children grow up quickly and it is common for clothes and other utensils to stop working, even if they are in great condition. To sell in this online thrift store, you register the products yourself on the site, attaching photos and setting prices. When someone decides to buy, shipping is on you. The site takes a 20% commission on its sales, in addition to a BRL 2.50 fee on products over BRL 25.00.

Now that you know where to sell used pieces, just choose the online thrift store that best suits your style and let go. With the money from sales, you can even buy some new looks and parade around with the trend that is here to stay: conscious fashion!

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