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Onion Spell (He will cry and ask for forgiveness)

I am going to share with you the onion spell. An ancient spell that works perfectly. Exclusive for you, because you deserve it.

With this powerful spell you can make the person you love come back crying for you, and above all, asking for forgiveness for what they did to you.

I am a medium, tarot reader and sorceress. Some of you already know me and you know that I try to help you improve your life day after day. If this is the first time you read our site, welcome, enjoy the wisdom and the power that I give for help you achieve your goals in addition to this spell.

When the evil that has been done to us is so great that our happiness is even affected, it is the right time to act.

For this reason, today I want to show you a very powerful spell that surely some of you have heard. It is a spell that makes the person we love beg us for forgiveness and repent of the damage he did to us.

Remember that happiness is in you, and you need and must be above all happy, that’s why I want to help you.

Onion Spell

A very simple and easy ritual to do, but above all 100% effective.

Its use will be ideal for people who have exceeded the limits in our relationship, ex-partners, relatives or old friends who have now deeply betrayed our friendship.

Some of the main uses of this onion spell will be to make him cry for you, to make him regret what he did to you and to ask for your forgiveness.

I have even come to see how, in some cases, this onion spell has managed to bring back a person who left your life and now, the magical power has managed to bring him back or even come back with regret.

Even my friend Martha explained to me that her ex-boyfriend came back and apologized! A deserved forgiveness since he cheated on her with her best friend, so we could say that this spell is also an onion spell to bring forgiveness.

Next, I detail the ingredients you need and the way in which you have to do this powerful spell.

You will be able to verify that it is quite easy and, even if you are just starting out in magic right now, you will be able to do it and achieve its effects without much difficulty.

If, on the other hand, you are experienced, you are in luck. This onion spell will be even stronger thanks to your experience.

Characteristics of the onion spell

Spell Theme: Love.

Effectiveness: Very High.

Difficulty: Medium.

Spell Type: Onion Spell (to make him come back asking for forgiveness and crying). It is a VERY powerful spell, but it will not cause any harm, that is, it is white magic and you can do it without fear of hurting anyone, or suffering any damage.

What ingredients do you need to perform the onion spell?

Before you start detailing the ingredients, don’t forget to write down all the ingredients on a piece of paper.

It would be terrible if you walked off the page and didn’t remember how to do the spell or what ingredients you need:

  • One medium or small sized onion.
  • Small piece of paper (half a page of a white sheet).
  • A red pen.
  • Small knife.
  • Three pins or needles.

Guide to make the onion spell that works. The authentic and genuine

Before I begin to explain how to cast the spell, I will tell you how to choose the onion correctly.

Thus, you must select an onion that resembles the person who will be the recipient of the spell. I mean, let me explain:

  • Maybe it’s a person with a lot of hair, so you’ll choose a hairy onion.
  • Or on the contrary, he does not have much hair and you will use that onion without any twigs.
  • Maybe he is a dry, serious or rude person and the onion will be like him.
  • Perhaps he is a skinny man, so the onion will be small and elongated (and not round and chubby).

I mean, whatever it is, it’s important that the onion feels like it represents the target of your spell.

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ATTENTION: This spell does not employ any dark arts. Its ingredients are natural and light is used so that the person who has harmed us perceive our suffering and be able to reconsider.

When you have found your onion, use the knife to make a small hole in the onion, trying to keep the piece you remove.

It should be just a small opening, where you can insert your pinky finger, so you can get an idea of ​​the approximate size it should be.

Remember that you must keep the piece that you have removed, since later you will have to seal the hole that you created.

Now write three times on the paper, the name and surname of the person who should repent and cry for what he did to you. My advice is to use a red ink pen.

Fold the paper as many times as you can, leaving the name of the person on the inside, and insert it in the onion.

Cover the hole with the piece that you have left over and then stick the three pins around the hole where you have inserted the paper

While you stick the pins you must say the following phrase out loud:

“May the bright light of this magic illuminate your consciousness
If you come to me, let it be crying
If you think of me, ask for forgiveness
So be it”

After performing the ritual you must throw the onion into a container that is far from where you live. Even if you have to go to the next town or to the other side of the city.

When you throw it into the container you should feel how you cast this spell on the person and, in this way, they will begin to think about what they did, what happened and finally they will come to you asking for forgiveness or crying.

Before ending the onion spell

Although it seems distant now, this spell can be the beginning of the changes that you need in your life. Because this spell will make the person who deserves to repent cry. But you DESERVE to smile!

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