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One of the biggest national box office successes of Trapalhões will be 40 years old (remember the classic)

Os Trapalhões was a very famous Brazilian comedy group in its heyday and that still brings good memories to an entire generation. Among all 43 films starring the group, The Rampant Mummers it was the one that had the second highest grossing and, in 2021, will be turning 40 years old.

O awesome.club decided to do a nostalgia session with you and bring back some memories of what was this great classic of Brazilian cinema. Just take a look.

in 1981

The film, considered by critics as the best of the group, premiered in Brazilian cinemas. Right at the beginning, we already have a great surprise when we are very well received by the fun song “Rebichada”, a composition by Chico Buarque for the feature film.

The story takes place at the Grand Circo Bartholo, where four friends work as stagehands. Didi, Dedé, Mussum and Zacarias make so many messes for the public that they end up becoming an obligatory number, the biggest attraction.

Didi falls in love with dancer Karina (Lucinha Lins). She is the daughter of the Baron, the owner of the circus, and is the girlfriend of Frank, the acrobat, who is the object of desire of Tigrana (Mila Moreira), the lion tamer and assistant to the magician and hypnotist Assis Satã (Eduardo Conde). Almost a love pentagon.

The Baron’s hypnotist and partner tells him that Frank is making the Trapalhões group aware that they are being exploited and says that he can take it upon himself to take him away from Karina and the circus, but that for that his share of the profits must be doubled. What he does? The bastard kidnaps Frank and locks him in a house. We won’t tell more because that’s where spoiler (even though the film is almost half a century old).

Part of the original cast left us too soon, like Mussum, Zacarias and Eduardo Conde. Renowned artists who worked with their art until their last days. The other part is still going strong, lavishing smiles around.

Renato Aragão

Dede Santana

Lucinha Lins

Mila Moreira

back to the big screen

In 2017, Renato Aragão and Dedé Santana starred in a reinterpretation of the film, called The Clumsy Mummers: Heading to Hollywood🇧🇷

Although a large part of the characters has been kept, the story unfolds in a different way. Due to the ban on animals in shows, the Grand Circus Sumatra faced a huge financial crisis.

This makes Didi idealize itineraries of attractions based on the crazy dreams he has with talking animals. And this new show needs to be sensational, to attract the public and save the circus.

Art does not die, it adapts. So we asked, do you remember any other Trapalhões movie that deserved a makeover? For example The Wizard of Oroz or The Bumbler in King Solomon’s Mines or even The Cinderello Clumsy🇧🇷 Tell us your choice in the comments. 🇧🇷

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