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Off-the-shoulder blouse: 60 ideas to include the piece in the closet

The off-the-shoulder blouse, also known as a ciganinha, is a very versatile piece. Even leaving the mentioned part of the body exposed, it doesn’t need to be used only in basic looks. You can also easily create that more sophisticated look with it.

In addition, it can be used with skirts of the most varied lengths, as well as shorts and jeans. The number of possibilities is immense. To get inspired, just check out the list below that has 60 different models.

Off-the-shoulder blouse with ruffle

The off-the-shoulder blouse with ruffle is a great option for those who like trends. In the more puffed-up versions, she doesn’t go unnoticed. But for those who are more discreet, you can also bet on smaller ruffles. The composition of the entire look will also make a difference. Therefore, it is worth betting on what is most your face.

1. The off-the-shoulder blouse with sneakers creates a casual look

2. Which is also possible if you bet on the jeans + heels combination

3. This is an inspiration for those who are not ashamed to dare

4. This is also valid for a beach composition

5. You can also bet on a fashionista look

6. Like this one

7. Look how I rock

8. See how true this is

9. But basic jeans always look good

10. The off-the-shoulder blouse in the cropped version is great for summer

12. Like this choker

13. Yellow is the face of summer

14. The basic white never goes out of style

15. It’s also worth betting on an all black look

16. Ribbed off-shoulder blouse + stripes is a knockout

17. And that simple look is a wildcard for everyday life

18. The ribbed cropped version is very versatile

19. The long-sleeved one can help ward off the cold

20. Accessories help complete the look

Even though it is simple, the ribbed version is very versatile. It can be used both in the cold and in the heat. In addition, as it is tight, it goes well with the most diverse pieces, whether it’s skirt, pants or shorts.

Printed off-the-shoulder blouse

Prints help bring the look to life. Some are trendy, like Vichy, for example. But there are also timeless ones, like the floral. Stripes and polka dots are also a good bet. Check out:

21. From the most flashy

22. Just choose the one you like the most

23. The Vichy print is on the rise

24. How about including it in your wardrobe?

25. Stripes are also with everything

26. Check out this look with a skirt

27. It’s also worth betting on a combination of prints

28. Or even use that basic floral

29. The off-the-shoulder blouse goes great with jeans

30. And even with tailoring

31. There are options for all tastes

These models above are ideas for those looking for a more modern and relaxed look. That’s because the prints help break the monotony of the look.

Plus size off-shoulder blouse

When choosing a plus size off-shoulder blouse, the variety is also wide. In the selection below, you can see just how democratic this piece is, as it covers so many different styles.

32. Elegance and off-the-shoulder blouse also match

33. Versatility is the ideal word for this piece

34. Which can be used on different occasions

35. Vertical stripes help elongate the silhouette for those who seek this goal

36. Look at that look with a total summer face

37. You can match the blouse with the skirt

38. Or bet on a very simple look

39. The off-the-shoulder blouse with transparency looks wonderful

40. Adding a little color can make all the difference in the look

41. And you can use bracelets to create a charm

42. You can be sweet wearing the off-the-shoulder blouse

43. See how delicate this option with strap

Regardless of the occasion, you can find a plus size off-the-shoulder blouse. Now, just define which one is your face to help compose your wardrobe.

Red off shoulder blouse

Red is a trend that is here to stay. The striking color is beautiful and can make your look a knockout. Also, the piece does not have to be a single color. See the models below:

44. If it’s fresh, the long sleeve can be used in summer

45. Bet on the off-the-shoulder blouse with a midi skirt

46. ​​Look how accessories make a difference

47. Vintage look is pure love

48. See how these glasses give a charm

49. Who said you can’t wear a shoulder-to-shoulder blouse in winter?

50. This wide version is very comfortable

51. You can wear the same blouse in different combinations

52. Like this one

53. How about a scarf to spice up the look?

54. Betting on the combination of black and red is a good bet

55. The printed red makes the look more relaxed

56. This is a good option for everyday life

57. And this one helps to ward off the heat

Do you like red? It’s hard not to fall in love with the color when you see so many options for a beautiful shoulder-to-shoulder blouse in that color, isn’t it?

If you like the off-the-shoulder blouse model, now you have a huge list of inspirations to help you wear the piece. It is versatile, as it can adapt to the most varied types of situations. Another very useful piece for your closet is the flowered dress, which can be simple and even for formal events.

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